Afrotc Scholarships

Attending college can be one of the largest expenses that you will encounter in your life. Thus, it makes sense that most students look for scholarships or grants to help alleviate the financial burden of attending college. If you are looking for additional funding to support your education and you have a strong interest in serving your country, then the AFROTC scholarship is one that you may wish to consider. The AFROTC stands for the U.S. Air Force ROTC. Students can apply for one of the follow three types of scholarships through the AFROTC program:

Type 1: Students who are awarded this scholarship receive complete tuition remission, a book stipend, and the majority of their student fees covered. This type of scholarship represents a small portion of those awarded by the AFROTC program (only about 5%) and are usually reserved for students who are planning to enter highly needed technical areas of study.

Type 2: Students who are awarded this type of scholarship also receive a generous scholarship package. Students can get up to $18,000 per year covered plus a book stipend. Less than a quarter of scholarships offered through AFROTC fall into the Type 2 category.

Type 7: The majority of scholarships offered through AFROTC fall into this category. This award will pay the in-state tuition cost for ay university and the student pays the difference. Students also receive an allotment for books.

Students who are interested in a 3-year scholarship, should apply for the Type 2 scholarship. Both of the other scholarships are awarded for four-years. Additional information about the three different types of scholarships is available here.

Eligibility Requirements: In order to be considered for the AFROTC scholarships listed above, applicants must meet a number of main criteria. Students must be a citizen of the United States and be between 17-years-old to 31-years-old. Students must have graduated from high school in order to be considered for this scholarship. All applicants must hold at least a 3.0 grade point average. In addition, students should have scored at least a 26 on the ACT or a 1240 on the SAT. Students must also be able to pass a Physical Fitness Assessment. This entails completing a combination of physical exercises, which include push-ups, a 1.5-mile run, and crunches. Students must also disclose previous drug use and agree to avoid illegal drugs for the duration of the scholarship period. Lastly, each applicant is required to attend an interview.

Additional Information: Students who are lucky enough to be selected for one of these scholarships also receive a monthly living stipend. This stipend ranges from $300 to $500, with the higher amounts reserved for juniors and seniors. In order to apply for this scholarship, students should submit an application online between June 1 and December 1. Once you have submitted your application form, you will receive an e-mail that will indicate which supplemental information you will be required to send (i.e. ACT/SAT scores, a list of extracurricular activities, etc.). Additional information about the application process can be found at this website.