Amazon Scholarship


When it comes Amazon, the site has a reputation of excellence in the amount of different products they allow an individual to choose from. From technologies to clothing to games and movies and more, Amazon is really a site that is a one-stop shop for all things purchasable. Yet, Amazon is so much more than just a singular-minded company. They have several charity angles, organizations, and believe in giving back to those who have helped them become such a success. Among the different initiatives that Amazon pursues is there scholarship program. The Amazon scholarship is a lucrative opportunity to build a long standing and amazingly beneficial collegiate career without spending unnecessary monies. Open to students that are demonstrating they are the next leaders in this world, the following outlines the details surrounding the Amazon scholarship and where you can go to apply for this annual award.


In order to be eligible for the Amazon scholarship, certain criteria must be met. Firstly, a student must be enrolled at an accredited university or college and must be able to prove said acceptance. Further, a student must also prove that they will be enrolled as a full-time, undergraduate student and have met all collegiate requirements for entry. All applications must be received by the deadline. Late submission will not be considered when it comes to the Amazon scholarship pool of applicants. With such a competitive and lucrative opportunity, this deadline is important to both the institution and providing the funds in a timely manner. Therefore, it should be adhered to by all those who are applying.


Selection Process

Students that meet the above criteria will be allowed to apply for the Amazon scholarship. But, it is those students that meet all additional requirements that are likely to receive the award. Students that are chosen will likely have a high GPA, have demonstrated customer service, and will also demonstrate that they have leadership skills as well. If all of this met, then, an applicant will be selected to move onto the next round. During the second and final round of the application process for the Amazon scholarship, students will be given a prompt and asked to write an essay for a committee to review. This, then, will determine the final awards and who will be receiving them.

The Award

The Amazon scholarship is awarded annually and students are eligible if they are incoming freshman-level students. Therefore, it is non-renewable. The amounts can vary from year to year, but current stats show that winners for the upcoming school year will garner an impressive five-thousand dollars in awards that can be put toward their tuition. An additional five-hundred dollar gift card for Amazon in order to help pay for books will also be provided. This scholarship is not open to American students alone. Rather, international applicants can receive the award as well. If you are interested in applying for this scholarship or want to learn more, be sure to check out all of the details via this link.