Apple Scholarships

Apple has long prioritized education as one of their philanthropic goals. As part of this initiative, they recognize top teachers and administrators. In addition, they offer a variety of scholarships to help students afford a college education. Below is a list of some of the scholarship programs that have been offered through the Apple Corporation:

Apple Scholarships: This program provides financial support to individual students, schools, and colleges using product discounts. For example, college students can receive a discount on apply products, such as computers, to use in their studies. While this isn’t a typical scholarship, any college student can benefit from this special perk for students and educators.

The Apple Scholars Program: Students are able to receive up to $2,000 to assist with their education. Only students who are in their final year of high school and who have strong grade point averages are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Students can plan to study any major, provided that they intend to enroll in an accredited 2-year or 4-year college. In addition to the $2,000, winners will receive an iPod nano and a MacBook Pro. Each year, there are ten of these scholarships that are given to worthy students. In order to apply, students must submit a completed application prior to the may 30th deadline.

Product Integrity Inclusion and Diversity Scholarship: This scholarship was created in order to assist underrepresented students afford a college education. In order to be eligible, students are required to have African America, Native American, and/or Hispanic heritage and be female. Students must be in their second year in college or planning to attend an advanced degree in computer science (or a related major). In one of these scholarships, students are asked to suggest a new type of sensor that can be used in an Apple product while the second scholarship requires applicants to suggest a test track vehicle. The scholarship provides $10,000 to help students defray the cost of their college education. In addition, both recipients will be considered for an Apple internship.

Apple HBCU Scholars Program: This scholarship is a joint award that is given out by Apple and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Through this funding mechanism, students are eligible to receive up to $25,000 in scholarship money. Only students who hold at least a 3.25 grade point average by their last year will be considered for this scholarship. Furthermore, students must be attending a predominately Black Institution and be in their junior or senior year. The program is aimed at recruiting students in the STEM field, but students from other areas are eligible to apply. Each recipient is required to attend a 12-week internship that is located in Cupertino, CA over the summer. Students should be in good academic standing, use Apple products, be able to engage in all program requirements, and not have any disciplinary incidents listed on their record. Additional information about this scholarship program can be found on this website. Additional benefits of this scholarship are also listed at that website.