Art Scholarships

Art students can choose from a variety of different majors, such as drawing, computer graphics and photography. Even majors such as journalism and music, which have historically been considered as separate areas of study, can be considered within the domain of art scholarships. Given that art majors may study vastly different areas; how will they know where to start their scholarship search? One of the best ways to look for art scholarships is to create a free account on a scholarship search engine. These engines will show art students only those art scholarships that pertain to their specific field of interest (i.e., photography, journalism, theatre, etc.). In addition to creating an account with an online search engine, art majors can check out the list of art scholarships below to see whether any match their interests and abilities:

Daring Young Artists to Dream Scholarship: This award is geared towards helping underserved and minority students afford their art degree. The amount of the award starts at $2,000 and up to a maximum of $6,000 can be awarded. Applicants are chosen based on a combination of artistic ability and willingness to give back to community needs using their ability. Students can find more information at the following website:

Elizabeth Stein Scholarship: This award is open to students at Illinois State University who are enrolled in the Fine Arts program. In order to be eligible, students must submit a portfolio of their work, demonstrate financial need, and maintain a strong grade point average. The award provides $500 to each recipient as well as a plaque. Additional information about this scholarship can be found here:

Krylon Clear Choice Art Scholarship: This scholarship is open to high school students as well as college freshmen and sophomores. Five awards, each worth $1,000, are awarded annually. An additional ten students receive a Krylon art supply gift pack. Students must attend a program in Canada or the United States in order to be considered for this award. In addition to work samples, students must submit letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and a transcript in order to be considered for this award. Additional information can be found at the following website:

Design Sponge Scholarships: These awards provide students with anywhere from $500 to $2,500 to help them afford their art degree. The awards are open to current high school and college students (both undergrads and grad students can apply). The award can be put towards tuition, art supplies, an educational internship, and a number of other costs associated with pursing an art degree. Only students in visual arts programs are eligible for the award. Students who are interested in applying for this award, can find additional information at this website:

Mister Rogers Memorial Scholarship: Each year this scholarship offers two awards worth $5,000-$10,000 each. The award is only open to undergraduate students in their last year of college as well as graduate students. The aim of the award is to support aspiring students who plan to pursue a career related to children and media. Students must have previous experience in related fields and are required to submit a project proposal. All recipients will be assigned a mentor in NY or Los Angeles. Additional information can be found at this website:

Ball State University Scholarships: Ball State University offers the Fine Art Freshman Scholarship and the One-Year Outstanding Freshman Scholarship. The former award is open to students who have at least 3.0 grade point averages and a strong artistic portfolio. The award provides grants of $1,000. The One-Year Outstanding Freshman Scholarship provides students with $4,500 per year, which can be renewed. Additionally, a Presidential Scholarship, covers full-tuition for in-state and out-of-state art students who are eligible. Full criteria for these scholarships can be found here: