ASU Scholarships

asu scholarships

Arizona State University is an amazing and nationally ranked public university in the Western Region of the United States. This collegiate environment mixes both academics with fun and memorable social opportunities. For those that are interested in pursuing a degree at ASU, you may worry that the cost could be prohibitive. For that reason, there are ASU Scholarships if you are interested in this collegiate locale for study. The following are a list of a few of the opportunities available to you.

New American University Student Scholarship

One of the ASU scholarships for which you may want to apply is the New American University Student Scholarship. This is not a particular or individual scholarship. On the contrary, there are actually three groups of scholarships underneath this heading. There is one particular given to incoming freshmen, one for academic merit alone, and one for international students looking to study in the United States. These ASU scholarships are extremely lucrative and can range from a few thousand up to nearly ten-thousand dollars. For those applying, they need to make sure that they meet all eligibility requirements. While the two opportunities or, rather, categories for the New American University Student Scholarship vary between them, there are some similarities in eligibility requirements.  For all of these details on the New American University Student Scholarship, click here.

Arizona state university scholarship

Business Faculty Emeritus Scholarship

For those students at ASU that are looking for scholarship opportunities and who are also members of the business community, there is great help available. Specifically, there is the Business Faculty Emeritus Scholarship. This scholarship is given to individuals that are interested in pursuing a degree in business at ASU and who have been accepted into the program. It is an award that can vary from year to year in its requirements and eligibility criteria, but who usually average a gift of $500 for the year. Given in memory of the business faculty at ASU who have passed, this scholarship is great for those that are interested in a career in business at ASU. For more details, click here.

ASU scholarship

American Bullion

For those that want to learn and grow at ASU, there is a great scholarship available. Known as the American Bullion Scholarship, this one of the ASU scholarships for which you can apply is about helping individuals to learn beyond just the classroom. Reserved for those that have or develop an understanding of tangible assets, the American Bullion Scholarship requires that all applicants be a member of the ASU student community, provide proof that they are, and take a vested interest in creating a great essay submission. This essay topic can range from year to year, but usually focuses on explanation of what the recipient would use the dollars for in their own educational life and why the need is present in the first place. If you would like to learn more about the amazing opportunities at ASU with the American Bullion Scholarship, you should click here to find all of the great and explicit details!