Australia Awards Scholarship

Aussie Scholarship

Australia is a beautiful country. It has great scenery, amazing landscapes, and a culture that mixes history with modernity. That is why it is becoming an increasingly popular location for those around the world that want to visit and setup life in this region. Australia is more than just a vacation spot, however. It is a region that is ripe with educational opportunity. Several universities and colleges dot this region of the world and have some of the best schooling in the world. For those living in another country and wanting to study in this region, however, the fear of the cost can be very debilitating. That is why the Australia Awards Scholarship was developed, to help recruit and keep talent from around the world. If you want to learn more about the amazing opportunity via the Australia Awards Scholarship, read on!

Australia Scholarship

What Is the Australia Awards Scholarship?

The Australia Awards Scholarship is a program that is administered via the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia. The goal of this program is to do more than just create educational opportunities for students in the country. Rather, the main mission of the Australia Awards Scholarship is to build relationships with other countries and regions around the world, and their people, by providing an opportunity for educational help for those attending in the country. Further, at the foundation of this scholarship opportunity is the belief that by providing financial help to students from other countries, the Australia Awards Scholarship will ultimately better the economic picture in Australia by creating a diverse and intelligent population. It also aims to sending individuals who will be leaders in their own countries back home.

Australia Awards Scholarship

Can Any Students Apply?

While the Australia Awards Scholarship is open to students from around the world, there are some certain restrictions that do apply. Individuals must be from one of the designated regions as defined by the Australian government and there is also a strong emphasis placed upon recruiting those from underdeveloped or third world countries. This is because Australia wants to strengthen the relationships that have helped them to flourish, develop new ones, and help those in regions that may face extreme hardships to find the resources they need to succeed.

What Is the Award?

So now that you know a bit about the Australia Awards Scholarship, you are probably wondering what the award entails, right? The Australia Awards Scholarship covers the costs of a program administered by an accredited and approved educational institution in Australia. This award, as long as the students meets all academic and personal criteria, will cover full tuition fees, return airfare to their home country once completed, and an expense payment of five-thousand dollars for books and other expenses. There is also a separate award given to cover the cost of living arrangement which can be up to thirty-thousand dollars. All students that want and accept the award will be required to take a course that lasts four to six weeks and may be eligible to receive additional resources. If you are interested in this amazing scholarship opportunity, click here to learn more and apply.