Australia Scholarship

Australia Scholarship

Australia can be a beautiful region to work, play, and study. There are great universities and colleges throughout the region that are dedicated to educating the next generation of Australians. For those students that want to attend a university in the region but are worried about the cost of the education, there is help available. The following is a list of Australian scholarships that you can apply for in order to help defray the cost of an education. For that reason, use this as your guide to breaking into the region and getting your education at the same time, without breaking your back.

Monash International Leadership Scholarship

Monash University is a leading educational institute in Australia. As such, it offers scholarships in Australia for students that want to learn while attending their university. The Monash International Leadership Scholarship offers individuals the chance to pursue a degree of higher learning, while receiving financial awards. Four Monash International Leadership Scholarship recipients are selected each year and may receive one-hundred percent of the cost of tuition. For more information on this program and how to apply, click here.

The University of Western Australia International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

For postgraduate students from the University of Western Australia, there are many different costs that can be incurred through the research in the field requirements. That is why students at the University of Western Australia find a great opportunity in many Australian scholarships. Specifically, there is the University of Western Australia International Postgraduate Research Scholarship which is given to students that are eligible to do research via a graduate or doctoral program. Students must attend the University of Western Australia and must be doing their research in the region, but may be home students of another university. For more information on the scholarship and all of the educational requirements, as well as residency restrictions, visit here.

Aussie Scholarship Grant

Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) Scholarship in Australia

The Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET Scholarship) in Australia is not particular for those students who were born and raised in the country. On the contrary, this scholarship is given to students that are looking to do their field work or a research project in this region. Students that wish to apply for the Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) Scholarship, must be from the UK or another International market and must show an interest in studying and doing intensive work in Australia. They must also meet other eligibility requirements, too. This list of criteria includes being in an approved major and meeting certain educational proof of ability. Further, students that wish to apply for this program need to understand the commitment that is required as a government funded grant. Specifically, residency requirements, financial need thresholds, and research driven parameters. For those that are interested in applying for this one of the Australia scholarships, the application and criteria can be found by clicking here. The award can be upwards of full tuition reimbursement so it is worth at least exploring!