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Performing Arts Scholarships


There are thousands of scholarships available for students in the performing arts. However, they aren’t usually pointed out to you. You’ll need to find your scholarships. Once you have located promising offers, apply with all pertinent information and documents, and any creative materials the sponsor requests. The work you put into winning performing arts scholarships [...]

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Fast Food Scholarships Guide


Most people have challenges when it comes to paying for college. Loans take a big bite out of your budget, and you could be paying for them years after you graduate. But don’t give up on your dreams of a college degree just because you cannot afford tuition. Some students can’t work while they are [...]

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TESDA Scholarship Guide


If you’ve never heard of a TESDA scholarship, you’re not alone. TESDA is an acronym for the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. Their goal is helping to raise awareness among students that a professional education is needed if they are to expect a brighter future. The institute aids students in obtaining technical skills through [...]

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Audio and Video Scholarships


If you are a student with a keen interest in the world of audio and video, these scholarships are excellent opportunities through which you can attend college to study in this field. It is especially complicated today to study, work and handle college debt. Scholarships can help you to enjoy the opportunities of schooling and [...]

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Automotive Scholarships Guide


College is expensive. Automotive scholarships can help you lower the costs! If you have aspirations to work in the automotive field, there are many car manufacturers, parts companies and learning institution automotive scholarships available to help defray your college costs. Manufacturers of modern cars always strive to get an edge on their competition with new [...]

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Scholarships for Foreign Students


Foreign Students who seek top-notch, world-wide recognized education institutions often wish to learn in the United States. That being said, the high cost of education in the United States has made affording college difficult. Luckily, there are numerous scholarships for those international students wanting to study at US schools. Below you will find some scholarships [...]

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Religious Scholarships Guide


Religious organizations are usually active within their community. Religious organizations are also known for offering religious scholarships to their followers One of their goals is helping people who are in need. You have probably attended some events that are church-sponsored, whether they were carnivals, parties or church benefits. Religion is vital in the life of [...]

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LGBT Scholarships Guide


There are more LGBT scholarships available today than ever before, for promising students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender persons. These scholarships will allow you to achieve your full academic potential, despite the obstacles sometimes put before you. LGBT scholarships have come into great demand and it is getting very competitive for applicants. Unfortunately, [...]

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