B Davis Scholarships

Many prospective and currently college students struggle to finance their college education. In order to help alleviate the financial burden of attending a college or university, the B. Davis Scholarships were created. The B. Davis Scholarships are offered to eligible students who visit this website. This scholarship is one of the easiest awards to apply for compared to others. In addition, the scholarship is open to a wide variety of students, which makes it appealing option for many students.

In order to be eligible to apply for the B. Davis Scholarship, applicants must first visit the website above. The award is open to students who are currently enrolled in any college or university. In addition, students who are in their last two years of high school are also eligible to apply. This award is unique in that there is no age requirements or restrictions. Thus, students from any age may apply to receive the award. As such, it is open to both traditional and non-traditional college students. During the application process, applicants are required to include their name of their current school as well as the school where they are expected to be next year. The website makes it clear that these awards are not offered based on academic merit, but the funding agency would like to gauge the student’s future career and academic plans.

The application requirements for this scholarship are quite minimal. As such, the application process does not take very long. In order to apply, students are required to write one essay, which cannot exceed 1000 words in length. The current prompt requires students to identify three main characteristics that they most value when considering leadership. After the applicant identifies their top three characteristics, he or she should explain why these traits are the most important. Additionally, applicants are required to discuss how these three main traits are fostered and developed at an individual level. After completing the essay, students must send the completed essay to the following e-mail address: awards@studentawardsearch.com. These are the only steps that are required to apply for this scholarship. There is no separate application form that students should complete, just the essay.

All applications for this scholarship must be received prior to the deadline. The current deadline for the 2017 application cycle is May 22, 2017. Each applicant who is selected as a recipient of the scholarship will be contacted via e-mail to be informed of their scholarship. Additionally, names of recipients will be posted on the website. Current and former recipients of this scholarship can be seen at the bottom of this website.

Each scholarship provides an award worth $1,000. Given the few eligibility requirements and the minimal amount of time it takes to apply, all students who are eligible for this scholarship are highly encouraged to apply. When making funding decisions, the emphasis is placed on the essay written by the student. Thus, all applicants are encouraged to proofread their work and think carefully about the prompt.