Barry Goldwater Scholarship


The Barry Goldwater Scholarship was created approximately 30 years, by Congress, in order to honor former Senator Barry Goldwater. The aim of the scholarship is to provide funding to exceptional students who plan to major in one of the following fields: mathematics, science, or engineering. This is a nomination-based award.

Students who are interested in applying for the Barry Goldwater scholarship should note that the first step in the process is to contact their Goldwater Faculty Representative. Students are required to obtain the nomination of this representative. After that time, the application can be completed and sent electronically. Students are not able to personally complete the application. Students can locate their representative by using the drop down menu on this website:

The nomination deadline for this award is January 29th and the application deadline is January 22nd. After receiving the nomination from their representative, the first step that students should take is to read the following two forms: Application/Supporting Documents Checklist and Applicant Information and Instructions. The first form walks students through what additional supplementary documentation is needed. Currently, the following items are required: a two-page essay, college transcripts from all universities attended, and if the student is not a U.S. citizen, proof of residency. All of these materials must be received by February 1st. The second form provides additional instructions and information about the application process. For example, it guides students to select a significant issue in the area of study and discuss its importance to them and how researching this question could impact society at large. Links to the forms can be found at this website:


The second step in the application process is to click on the following link: Here, students can create a new account with using just their name and e-mail address. The website maintains a list of frequently asked questions, so students who have trouble with their online application should check out the FAQs first, as many of them pertain to the online account. A list of these questions can be found here: Students who need additional support can click on the following website and complete an online help request: Students may also call 319-688-4335 with any questions about the scholarship. Technical support is available only during business hours Monday through Friday.

The main website also provides students with some valuable information. Students can see the winners from the past ten years. The name of the winners, their colleges, majors, and career goals are all available for applicants to read. The award is open to college sophomores and juniors and is one of the most highly prized scholarships in the science field. Scholarship winners are chosen based on academic merit and the actual amount of the award varies (up to a maximum of $7,500 per year is awarded) depending on financial need. Many winners have attended top colleges, such as Princeton, Duke, and Harvard.