Baylor University Scholarships

Baylor University is a top choice for many aspiring college students. One thing many students who consider enrolling in Baylor have in common is their concern for how to fund the high cost of their education. Luckily, Baylor has a number of different scholarship opportunities available to incoming and current students. The list below provides details on just a few of the many scholarships that the university provides. As such, students are encouraged to reach out to the Admission’s Office or the Financial Aid Office at Baylor to determine whether they are eligible to receive any other scholarships that those listed below.

Regents’ Gold Scholarship: This scholarship is open exclusively to National Merit Finalists who choose to attend Baylor. This award provides full tuition remission to any National Merit Scholar. In addition, the scholar can receive additional scholarship money, up to $41,996 per year, based on their ACT or SAT score, such that higher amounts are awarded for higher scoring students.

Baylor Sibling Scholarship: Does your brother or sister attend Baylor? If so, you may be eligible for this $3,000 scholarship. The award is offered until funding runs out, so be sure to apply as early as possible! The scholarship was created to help families who have more than one child who attends Baylor with the cost of an education. Applicants must file a FAFSA prior to the February 1st deadline and are required to show financial need. The scholarship can be renewed until one of the students graduates and provided that the students remain enrolled on a full-time basis and maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average. Additional information about this scholarship can be found here.

Baptist Minister’s Dependent Scholarship: This scholarship provides an award worth $5,000 to the recipient. In order to be eligible, the student must hold at least a 2.5 Baylor grade point average and be enrolled full-time. Students must also be the child of a full-time minister in the Baptist church and must show financial need. All applicants must complete the FAFSA application. Additional information about this scholarship can be viewed here.

Ruth Cannon Pritchard Scholarship: This scholarship is open to students in the School of Education who plan to major in teaching English. The scholarship is only open to undergraduate students. Priority consideration is given to applicants who hail from Polk County in Texas. All applicants must have at least a 2.5 grade point average in order to be considered for this scholarship. Additional details can be found at this link.

Donald & Iva McLachlan Scholarship: This award is open to students who are attending Baylor and who hold at least a 2.5 grade point average. The scholarship was named in honor of Donald Alan and Iva Wolf McLachlan. Students from a variety of different majors can apply, however priority consideration is given to students in the ministerial studies who intend to enter the ministry as a preacher.