Burger King Scholarship


When you think of Burger King, chances are that you think of food. There delicious whoppers and salty fries are great to the taste buds and relatively easy on a budget, but that is not all that Burger King is about. Burger King has made a concerted effort—like so many companies—to reward those in their company and outside of it with philanthropic and charitable work. Further, this eatery offers financial assistance to those who want to pursue a degree in the form of financial aid known as the Burger King Scholarship. So, what are the eligibility requirements and how do you apply for this type of financial aid? The following outlines more and lets you know how to put your name in the pool for this great scholarship opportunity.

The Program

The Burger King Scholarship program is administered through the Burger King McLamore Foundation. This group or, more aptly put, this branch of the Burger King Corporation is its nonprofit wing. With a 501(c)3 status, this organization focuses on giving back to communities through promotion of volunteer opportunities and financial assistance program like the Burger King Scholarship. A group effort, the Burger King Foundation—as it is commonly called—relies on their outside supporters, community members, franchise owners, and employees to create an environment for success.


Who Is Eligible?

One of the major requirements of the Burger King Scholarship is the need to be connected to the Burger King family in some way. Specifically, those eligible must be working for Burger King, be married or in a domestic partnership with a Burger King employee, or be a child of a worker. Further, successful candidates for the Burger King Scholarship must be high school seniors that reside in either the United States or in Canada. Those in Puerto Rico may also apply. It is clear on the application website and throughout the process that the scholarship will be given without regard to race, gender, age, or any other discriminatory practices.

Amount Awarded

The amounts of scholarship monies awarded through the Burger King Scholarship program can vary from year to year and from application cycle to application cycle. Over the last twenty years or more, the scholarship foundation has awarded millions of dollars in aid. Each year, the funds available for scholarship winners increases which allows the individual amount to increase as well. Monies given, then, will depend on the amount in the fund and the amount of applicants for the Burger King Scholarship that particular year.



The application process is relatively simple and can be done online through the website or more information can be found by discussing with a qualified franchisee owner. For the online application and to learn more about the eligibility requirements click this link. If you are an employee or the dependent or partner of one, consider applying and getting a portion of the millions of dollars given away so that you can reach your career goals and objectives. What do you have to lose?