California Scholarship Foundation

California Scholarship Foundation

The California Scholarship Foundation was created to recognize students in California who demonstrate high levels of academic achievement. Students must apply for membership each semester and membership decisions are awarded based on semester grades. One of the rewards for members, is the ability to apply for one of several scholarships offered through the California Scholarship Foundation. Below is additional information on the various awards offered:

The Charles and Marian H. Seymour Memorial Award: This scholarship was created in memory of Charles and Marian Seymour, who founded the CSF. This award is one of the most prestigious awards open to CA high school graduates and 50 each year receive this award. It is important to note that students may not initiate the application process as this is a nomination-based award. Students must be nominated by an adviser. Each chapter advisor has the ability to nominate two students each cycle. The application process entails submitting an application, letters of recommendation, and an essay. Among the students nominated, 50 finalists will be selected and awarded with a $2,000 scholarship. These finalists will also be interviewed and an additional five students will receive $3,000 each in additional funding.

In order to be eligible for this award, students must be considered a Sealbearer. This means that the student has achieved a life member status in CSF by earning membership for at least four semesters between their sophomore and senior years of high school. Students must apply for membership each semester that they are eligible.

Michelson Award

Michelson Award: The Michelson award is given out in honor of Glenn Michelson, a former math teacher in California who was dedicated to community service. This award is open to any senior high school student who is a current member of an active chapter. The award provides winners with $1,000. Students are required to respond to a brief prompt prior to December of each year. The prompt basically asks students how they would improve a service project in which they participated in during or prior to their high school career. Applications are chosen based on the student’s response to the prompt and the student’s writing ability.

Michelson scholarship

In addition to these awards, the CSF provides students with additional resources and benefits. Support is provided to individual chapters via e-mail and via online resources. One such resource provides a list of community service ideas, such as hosting drives, cleaning up graffiti, and tutoring. A Facebook and Twitter account are also maintained to keep students engaged in providing ideas.

In addition to eligibility for scholarships, lifetime members receive additional awards. They receive a CSF pin and a special seal on their diploma. Furthermore, their achievement as a Sealbearer is noted on their high school transcript. Some individual chapters also reward and acknowledge active student members through additional benefits or recognitions.