Scholarship Experts

2016-11-01T17:36:13+00:00 recently united with Unigo. The collaboration enables students to find information about scholarships for college, internships, career advice, and much more. ScholarshipExpert is one of the leading scholarship search engines available to undergraduate and graduate students. Students who previously had an account with ScholarshipExperts do not need to create another account; rather they have [...]

Applying for Scholarships


Scholarships are highly coveted by many students, and desired by even more students. Yet the majority of students do not know how to apply for scholarships. Unfortunately, most high schools and colleges are stretched thin when it comes to providing resources to help students find aid. As such, the burden of finding and applying to [...]

Definition of a Scholarship


The definition of scholarship can be somewhat confusing for some folks, given that it can have different means depending on the context. The first definition refers to scholarship as a rigorous pursuit of study or research in a specific area. This definition of scholarship refers to the course of study that many faculty members choose [...]

How to Win Scholarships


Often students are aware that scholarships are available to help them afford an education. However, the question many students ask is: How do I get a scholarship? In general, obtaining a scholarship takes planning. Make sure to set enough time aside to research scholarships that you are eligible for, make time to complete the applications [...]

Scholarship Essay Tips


  When it comes to college scholarships, many students get a bit anxious when it comes to thinking about writing the essay.  Good news is that it’s not as difficult as you might think, and if you prepare yourself ahead of time, things should go quite smoothly. It’s a given that most scholarships require an [...]

The Do’s and Don’ts for a Winning Scholarship Application


Education is important as it can be a gateway to a bright future. Unfortunately, higher education is not free, and in fact, can be quite pricey at some college institutions. Some students may not be able to afford to go to college due to lack of finances, but the good news is that there are [...]

5 Secrets to Winning a College Scholarship


By Junior or Senior year of high school, many students begin to think about the expense of college and whether they can afford to go or not. Good news is that there are college scholarships available that can help ease the financial burden. Some students think that their grades have to be straight A’s in [...]

Avoid Scholarship Scams


Scholarships are incredibly popular these days. So popular, that there are over 750,000 searches for “scholarship” and “scholarships” each month. Unfortunately, not all of the websites that you find on the internet are reputable. In recent years a number of companies have started to [...]