Staples Scholarships


Most college students know that Staples is one of their first stops for school supplies. From binders and markers to erasers and photocopying, Staples has everything college students could need to complete complete their school assignments. What you may not know is that Staples also sponsors scholarships. If you are still looking for additional funding [...]

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Google Scholarships


You simply never know where you will find your next scholarship. Did you know that your favorite search engine may sponsor student scholarships? Google has offered scholarships for college students for many years. They offer several different programs, for students in the United States and Europe. A complete listing of their programs can be found [...]

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Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships


Students who are planning to attend college often wonder where to look for college scholarships. One of the best ways to find scholarships is through organizations where you are a member. One such example is the Phi Theta Kappa organization, which offers a wide variety of scholarships to student members. Below is a list of [...]

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Microsoft Scholarships


Students who are seeking college scholarships in order to help them fund their studies may not think to look at major corporations. However, many major corporations, such as Microsoft, include philanthropic aims that are geared at improving access to education and/or helping students fund their degree. In fact, some of these scholarships can be very [...]

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Apple Scholarships


Apple has long prioritized education as one of their philanthropic goals. As part of this initiative, they recognize top teachers and administrators. In addition, they offer a variety of scholarships to help students afford a college education. Below is a list of some of the scholarship programs that have been offered through the Apple Corporation: [...]

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Washington State University Scholarships


Many students who are interested in attending Washington State University often ponder how to best afford their education. What students may not realize is that WSU offers a number of scholarships in order to make WSU more affordable to most applicants. The best way to start your WSU scholarship search is to complete the FAFSA [...]

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Ford Scholarships


While Ford Motor Company is likely best known for forging the way of mass development of motor vehicles, it is also known for providing scholarships through its philanthropic corporation. These scholarships were created to assist eligible college students with the cost of textbooks, tuition, student fees, and other related educational expenses. The amount of the [...]

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Foot Locker Scholarships


Footlocker may be your preferred source for new kicks, but for some students, it offers much more than new sneakers. Like many other large companies, Foot Locker believes in giving back to the communities around their stores. As such, it offers a scholarship competition each year to help make college more affordable to student-athletes. Currently, [...]

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Target Scholarships


For nearly fifty years Target has been a major player in the department store chain. Years ago, Target created a mechanism to give back to the communities where their stores are located. One of the ways that they do this is through scholarship competitions. Target has a few different awards that are open to students [...]

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Scholarships Points

2016-11-01T17:36:08+00:00 is a website through which students collect points. The underlying principal is that the more involved students are with the website (i.e., reading blogs, answering a survey, etc.), the higher probability they have of receiving a scholarship. There are several monthly drawings through which students have the opportunity to be chosen for a scholarship. [...]

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