Architecture Scholarships


  Students who are planning a career in architecture have many options to help them fund their studies. There are numerous individuals, private organizations, and other donors who have developed scholarships geared towards helping students achieve their dream career as an architect. Below is a list of some scholarships that students may want to explore [...]

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Physical Therapy Scholarships


Are you a student interest in pursing a career as a physical therapist? If so, this article is for you! Funding a college education to pursue your career may seem daunting. However, below is a list of scholarships that were created just for students in the physical therapy field. The American Physical Therapy Association offers [...]

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Scholarships for PA School


Students who plan to have a career as a physician’s assistant should be sure to explore potential funding mechanisms. A number of federal, state, and local scholarships have been created to help increase the number of physicians assistants. In addition, some specific universities and private organizations also maintain their own scholarships for students who plan [...]

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Barry Goldwater Scholarship


The Barry Goldwater Scholarship was created approximately 30 years, by Congress, in order to honor former Senator Barry Goldwater. The aim of the scholarship is to provide funding to exceptional students who plan to major in one of the following fields: mathematics, science, or engineering. This is a nomination-based award. Students who are interested in [...]

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Teach Scholarship


Teach grants were created to help aspiring teachers afford a college education. These awards are open only to students majoring in an education program in a high need area and who plan to teach in an underserved location. Students must take a certain sequence of coursework as well as agree to serve in specific areas [...]

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Masters Scholarships


When it comes to an education, no matter what level or what institution of higher learning, the cost can be very prohibitive. As graduate school becomes more of a necessity than an option for many programs of study, this burden is only increased by the prospect of having to go to school for even longer [...]

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Law Scholarships


Being a lawyer or attorney is a noble career. It helps to ensure that the legal system is functioning properly by providing individuals the proper representation in court and in legal proceedings. There is a great deal of schooling that goes into becoming a lawyer, and this is absolutely a financial endeavor that can really [...]

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Education Scholarships


Pursuing a degree in education is an important and noble endeavor. Whether it is at the undergraduate level or at the doctoral category of study, those that pursue these degrees will have to work hard and put a great deal of effort into their educational pursuits. They will also have to provide a great deal [...]

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Medical Scholarships


There are many different career paths that are based on giving back; giving back to those who are struggling and those who have other personal issues. Among the different careers that individuals can choose are those in the medical field. Those that pursue degrees and careers in this field are focused on promoting individuals’ health [...]

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