Environmental Science Scholarships


If you are majoring in Environmental Science, there are specific scholarships that will help to pay for your tuition, books and fees. The opportunities are different for undergraduates and those in graduate work. Scholarships offer money that you will never have to repay. Grants are intended as “gifted” money for students from low-income families. Environmental [...]

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Scholarships for Pharmacy Students


The mission of Colleges of Pharmacy is to educate and inspire future scientists and pharmacists. They engage in research on the cutting edge of science and seek to improve the health of Americans and people around the world. The uses of pharmaceutical studies scholarships are to help in financing future world leaders in pharmacy research [...]

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Performing Arts Scholarships


There are thousands of scholarships available for students in the performing arts. However, they aren’t usually pointed out to you. You’ll need to find your scholarships. Once you have located promising offers, apply with all pertinent information and documents, and any creative materials the sponsor requests. The work you put into winning performing arts scholarships [...]

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