HSF Scholarships


HSF, or the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, offers scholarships exclusively to students of Hispanic heritage. In addition to providing an abundance of scholarships (more than 150 to be exact), students can find a plethora of information on the website. The main website, which can be seen here, has information that pertains to student applicants, parents of [...]

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LULAC Scholarship


LULAC offers scholarships for students seeking financial support for their college education. If you have never heard of LULAC, the acronym stands for the League of United Latin American Citizens. The scholarship was established in 1932 and helps support eligible students of Hispanic heritage fund their college degree. The program first began actively holding fundraisers, [...]

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Navajo Nation Scholarships


Students from Navajo Nations may wonder how to maximize their chances of obtaining scholarships. The best place to start may be by completing a FAFSA application. Many states have funding set aside for students from minority backgrounds. In addition, the FAFSA will help students determine whether they are available for any federal funding to defray [...]

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Scholarships for Filipinos


Many scholarships exist to assist Filipinos make a college education within reach. Some of these awards are funded by the federal or state government while others are funded through private organizations. Check out the scholarships below that cater to Filipino students: Benigno and Corazon Aquino Scholarship: This scholarship is offered to Asian American students who [...]

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Jackie Robinson Scholarship


Each year, the Jackie Robinson Foundation offers scholarships for minority students who are seniors in high school. To date, they have funded over 65 million dollars in grants to eligible students. Students who have been awarded funding through the Foundation have attended over 200 different colleges and universities. For more than 40 years, the Jackie [...]

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Hispanic Scholarship Fund


The Hispanic Scholarship Fund has over 150 types of scholarships to assist students of Hispanic backgrounds make college more affordable. Since it was founded back in 1975, the program has awarded over $470 million in scholarships. HSF scholars benefit from the program in several ways, such as financial support, mentoring, and networking. In order to [...]

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Latino Scholarships


When it comes to being a racial minority, even in the most progressive environments and countries, there are still unique challenges that are faced. From the negative to the positive, these individuals often fight battles internally and externally that are unique to their race or their nationality. Latinos are no exception. That is why more [...]

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Indian Scholarships


When it comes to scholarships, there are many that are given to individuals that fit into a niche demographic. This can include scholarships based upon gender, age, or life circumstances. Another great area that you are likely to see many scholarships is for those from a particular gender or national origin. Indian students should know [...]

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Scholarships for Native Americans


There are many different scholarships available for those that fit into a minority status. These include racial minorities and socioeconomic as well as gender. It is important to understand that it is possible to find specialized scholarships and opportunities for college monies if you fall into one of these groups. For those that are of [...]

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Scholarships for Hispanic Women


Women and racial minorities can face many difficulties in their life that are unique to each of these characteristics. Women, on average, make less than their male counterparts and can face discrimination in hiring at higher rates than said counterparts, too. For that reason, many groups and organizations reach out to minority groups in order [...]

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