Muslim Scholarships


Muslim Scholarships When it comes to religion, there are many different aspects and different criteria to be considered a part of a particular demographic of worshiper. Muslims are one such group, just as Christians and Buddhists. If you are a Muslim, looking to go to school, you may be interested in knowing that your faith [...]

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Christian Scholarships


If you need financial aid for college, don’t overlook your church as the source for a potential scholarship. Many Christian churches support scholarships, at regional and national levels. Some of these scholarships are limited to local congregation members, and others are open to any student who is a member of the faith. Christian scholarships may [...]

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Atheist Scholarships


When you are seeking funding for your college education, you may not think about your religious beliefs, or lack of them. You should take them into consideration, though. If you usually define yourself as a “free thinker”, atheist or secular humanist, you can apply for scholarships that will support your college schooling and your beliefs. [...]

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Jewish Scholarships


As tuition bills start rolling into mailboxes nation wide, many students are starting their search for unique and weird scholarships to help fill the gap. These days, there are plenty of weird and interesting scholarships out there. Over the last few years we've seen a number of Jewish scholarship opportunities become available. If you are Jewish, [...]

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Religious Scholarships Guide


Religious organizations are usually active within their community. Religious organizations are also known for offering religious scholarships to their followers One of their goals is helping people who are in need. You have probably attended some events that are church-sponsored, whether they were carnivals, parties or church benefits. Religion is vital in the life of [...]

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