Essay Scholarships


Many students dread the essay portion of their application. This means that they often put the essay off or write it hastily. Both of these are mistakes that can lead to lower quality essays. Instead of viewing it as one more thing to do (after all, your time is already stretched so thin), try to [...]

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Baseball Scholarships


Students who play baseball may be eligible to receive scholarships to support their college education. NCAA Division I offers a limited number of scholarships to highly talented students. Some of these awards cover full tuition while others may be divided and only cover partial tuition. Perhaps one of the most misunderstood facts about sports scholarships [...]

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Volleyball Scholarships


Students who are aim to play volleyball in college may be eligible for some volleyball scholarships. In order to determine whether you may be eligible for a scholarship, it is important to understand how volleyball scholarships work. There are a number of avenues possible when searching for sports scholarships, but it can be challenging for [...]

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Churchill Scholarship


The Churchill Scholarship enables exceptionally talented students to student mathematics, engineering, or science at the University of Cambridge in England. Quite fittingly, Churchill Scholars are housed within Churchill College on the university grounds. The award is only open to students from the United States who range in age from 19 years old to 16 years [...]

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Sports Scholarships


High school athletes often desire a full ride athletic scholarship. However, full ride scholarships are reserved for the athletes who are the cream of the crop. As such, it is incredible difficult to get a full-ride sports scholarship. To compound the fact that there are not enough sports scholarships, the ones that do exist typically [...]

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Hood Scholarship


Any student who has played high school sports understands the importance of good sportsmanship. More specifically, this may mean congratulating a team when they beat your team, helping an opponent in need, or contributing to your own fellow teammates in a meaningful way. As such, the Hood Sportsmanship Scholarship rewards such students with scholarships worth [...]

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Tennis Scholarships


Students who are interested in tennis scholarships are in luck! There are numerous tennis scholarships that are available to talented tennis players. Some of these awards require students to excel in both academics and athletics while others tend to rely more heavily on athletic performance. Check out the list below for some ideas of where [...]

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PSAST Scholarships


PSAT scholarships are awarded through two programs: The National Merit Scholarship Program and the National Achievement Scholarship Program. The former program was established in 1955 and the later program was developed in 1964.  Entry into the program is fairly straightforward. Every year hundreds of thousands of high school students take the Preliminary SAT exam. Those [...]

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Zell Miller Scholarship


Students in Georgia who have not received a HOPE scholarship, are eligible to receive the Zell Miller scholarship. This award is a merit based scholarship for undergraduate students who plan to study at a school in Georgia. The Zell Miller scholarship is more competitive than the HOPE scholarship, and as such, has more stringent GPA [...]

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Soccer Scholarships


High school soccer athletes may not have thought to look for a sports scholarship for college. However, there are a number of soccer scholarships that are able to help promising students fund their education. Most of these scholarships require students to play on a soccer team at the collegiate level, thus, it will be important [...]

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