Catholic Scholarships

Catholic Scholarships

The faith of an individual is very important. It is the foundation of what someone believes and why they believe it. There are several different denominations of Christianity that share more than just a belief in the Messiah as Jesus Christ. They also share an ability to find educational grants and aids based mainly on their declaration of faith. For those who are self-described Catholics, there is no exception to this rule as there are financial opportunities and Catholic scholarships specifically for these individuals. The following outlines a few of these opportunities as well as expounds upon eligibility requirements for each.


Italian Catholic Federation Scholarship

Among the Catholic scholarships which individuals can apply to receive is the Italian Catholic Federation Scholarship. This financial award for college use is given each year to individuals that are not only Roman Catholic but are also of Italian descent. If the student themselves is not of Italian descent, it is possible to be considered eligible if an immediate family member or grandparent is Italian and also is a member of the Italian Catholic Federation. Those that wish to apply must live in the state of Arizona and be a member of a district where there is an active Italian Catholic Federation. Students can receive four-hundred dollars to defray the cost of college expenses if they meet all other eligibility requirement which can be found here. Further, this scholarship is renewable up to one-thousand dollars for four years if all other eligibility and renewal requirement is met.


The Knights of Columbus John W. Devitt Scholarship

The John W. Devitt Scholarship is backed by the Knights of Columbus and is given to those that have a Catholic and organizational association. This one of the Catholic scholarships available to those who are members of the faith is given to those who are entering their freshman year of education at an accredited Catholic institution of higher learning. Further, those who wish to apply must be a member of the Knights of Columbus or be a qualifying relative of a member. Qualifying relations include being the son or daughter of a member of the Knights of Columbus or grandson or granddaughter. The member relation can be deceased and the relative still be eligible to apply. All those who apply for the John W. Devitt Scholarship must also demonstrate financial need and academic prowess as well. If selected, the individual can earn up to nearly two-thousand dollars in financial assistance. For more information or to apply, click here for all of the details.


Catholic United Financial Scholarship

Another among the Catholic scholarships available to those of this faith is the Catholic United Financial Scholarship. This scholarship is supported and sponsored by Catholic United Financial and requires that anyone applying have been a member of the organization for at least two years prior to seeking a scholarship. Individuals who do apply must be aware that they must be within their first or second year of college at an accredited institution of higher learning. For more information or to apply, visit their website here.