Chipotle Scholarships

Who would have guessed that one of your favorite fast food restaurants supports scholarships for college? Perhaps it is not one of the first companies that would have come to mind when thinking of college scholarships, but it is true that Chipotle supports scholarships through their award, which is called The Next Generation Scholarship Fund Awards. This scholarship program was developed to encourage students to continue their families’ tradition of farming. It was created with the hope of bringing attention to the loss of traditional farming techniques and help to restore this tradition. Through this program, more than $40,000 has been awarded to eligible college students. Full details of this scholarship can be found at this website.

In addition to donating to the above scholarship, Chipotle also provides scholarships to current FCCLA members. Students can find information about these scholarships at this link. In order to be eligible for one of these scholarships, students must be in their final year of high school, plan to attend an accredited institution in order to obtain a bachelors or associates degree, and have been affiliated with FCCLA since March 1, 2017.

In order to apply for this scholarship, students are required to complete an online application prior to the March 1st, deadline. First, students are required to complete all sections of the online form in detail, ensuring that they do not leave any sections empty. Secondly, students are reminded to list all information of the form beginning with the most recent first, and then older information last. Lastly, students are only permitted to use the space that is provided. Thus, their responses cannot exceed the recommended length.

Students often wonder how applications for this award are evaluated. In general, students are chosen based solely on their letters of recommendation and the information that they submit online. Thus, students should be sure to choose recommenders who know them well and who can write a strong letter in support of their application. In addition, students should be sure to spend time completing their application carefully. The reviewers consider a variety of factors in the application, such as content, style, and the way in which the student expresses himself or herself. After the application has been submitted, students will receive an e-mail confirmation that their form was received.

The scholarship provides five awards, each worth $1,000. The funding can only be received on time and it is not renewable. All scholarships are released directly to the student’s institution and not to the recipient. The scholarship award can be used to defray the cost of a variety of educational expenses, such as room, board, tuition, and student fees. In addition to receiving a financial reward, students also receive the opportunity to receive recognition at a Conference. Recipients are encouraged to attend the FCCLA National Leadership Conference, where they will be recognized as a recipient of this award. However, the student must fund travel and transportation to and from this conference themselves.