Churchill Scholarship

Churchill Scholarship

The Churchill Scholarship enables exceptionally talented students to student mathematics, engineering, or science at the University of Cambridge in England. Quite fittingly, Churchill Scholars are housed within Churchill College on the university grounds. The award is only open to students from the United States who range in age from 19 years old to 16 years old. The program began in 1963.

Churchill Fellows comprise a very elite group of researchers and innovators. In fact, eight previous fellows have gone on to win the Nobel Prize. Fellows come from outstanding universities, such as Princeton, Duke, Harvard, Yale, UNC-Chapel Hill, and MIT. Stanford, Vanderbilt, and University of Michigan at Ann Arbor have also had representatives selected to be Churchill Fellows. Each year, only 14 fellows are selected. The recipients receive somewhere between $50,000 to $60,000. This funding covers the complete costs of tuition, student fees, visa fees, airfare, and a living allowance. Students also have the potential to receive an extra $2,000 as a research grant.

Churchill Scholarships

Applicants are selected based on a combination of factors. This includes their grade, major, and previous academic achievement. Typically, scholars have at least a 3.7 grade point average. Scholars are also chosen based on their previous ability to contribute to the knowledge or literature in their area of study. This is demonstrated through scholarly work, letters of recommendation, or prizes received. It is imperative that students show the ability to work independently to carry out research. In addition, students are judges on individual personal characteristics. Students typically have a variety of interests, which may include music, sports, community service, or other areas of interest

In order to apply for the Churchill Scholarship, students must apply prior to the November 10th, 2016 deadline. Students must agree to complete their intended program in its entirety, which may include completing a thesis and/or taking oral examinations. Students can find directions for completing the application form at the following website: The website also has forms for the required letters of recommendation.

When applying, students are required to choose an area of study. Given the large number of choices, this can prove difficult. The following website outlines available options and provides some advice on how applicants can choose and area that interests them:

Winston Churchill Scholarships

Applicants who are serious about applying for the award should first do some preparation. A good first step is to read the website and application materials. If the student is unclear about any part of the application process, he or she should e-mail to receive clarification. A good second step is to explore the following website: This website allows students to review the previous recipients as well as their major and undergraduate institution. Many Churchill Fellows have gone onto to some of the top graduate programs in the nation upon their return to the U.S. Students can explore some of the universities and programs where previous scholarships have been accepted: Keep in mind that applying while you are in England may entail an additional trip back the the U.S. in order to interview for graduate programs.