College Jumpstart Scholarships

College Jumpstart Scholarships provide academically talented students with an opportunity to compete for college scholarships. Financial need is not taken into account, since this awarded is given out based only on academic achievement. Any student who can demonstrate a strong commitment to their education has a good chance of winning this award.

In order to apply, students are required to complete an Official College JumpStart Scholarship Application form online. The form can be found at this website. The form is relatively brief and asks students to fill out basic demographic information, such as their contact information, educational background and goals, and a personal statement. The current form provides four different prompts for students to choose from. Perhaps the most challenging part of the personal statement is that students must respond in 250 words or less. Students can complete their application anytime prior to the deadline. There are two deadlines each year; one on April 15th and the other on October 17th.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, students must meet a number of criteria. The first is that the applicant must be a current student. Students can be enrolled in college, in their 10th to 12th grade year in high school, or a non-tradition student who wants to return to college. In addition, all applicants are required to enroll or currently be enrolled in a higher education program. There are a variety of schools where the scholarship can be used, such as a traditional four-year institution, a two-year junior college, a trade school, or a vocational school. However, only institutions that are located in the United States are eligible. Additionally, the applicant must plan to enroll in their chosen institution within the next 12 months in order to be considered. All applicants must be a resident or citizen of the United States in order to receive this award. Lastly, students should be highly motivated to improving their life or the life of their family or community through pursuing a college education.

The winner of the scholarship will receive a scholarship that is valued at $1,000. The award can be used to cover any educational expenses. After the application deadline, the review committee typically takes about a month or two to review the applications. During this time, a list of winners and finalists are created. All students who are chosen to receive this scholarship will be notified by postal mail and via e-mail. Winners must also agree to have their first and last names posted on the scholarship website.

This scholarship is supported through donations made by private individuals and corporations. All donations that are received are put to work to help make college more affordable for students. Any applicant who has questions during the application process can contact the scholarship leadership by using one of the methods listed here. Before contacting anyone, it may also be helpful to look at this website, which has a number of common FAQs as well as clear responses to each question.