Common Knowledge Scholaship

Common Knowledge Scholaship

The Common Knowledge Challenge is sponsored by the FBI in order to increase awareness of the FBI’s missions, values, and goals. By increasing awareness of these items, the hope is that students will more strongly consider the FBI as a viable career path after graduation. The amount of the awards range from $250 to $5,000. This scholarship is ideal for trivia lovers!

In order to be eligible for this award, applicants must be a current student. This scholarship is open to a wide variety of students, including high school students, college students (both undergraduate and graduate level students may apply). In fact, parents of current students may compete as well. This award attracts a high number of applicants because there are no required essays, no application forms, and no specific grade point average requirements necessary to apply.

In order to be considered for the scholarship, students must register for an online account at this website: Students are provided with quizzes that contain questions from a variety of different fields. Most of these questions are considered common knowledge and may contain questions from movies, books, core subjects, or websites. Once a student creates an account, a list of open contents will automatically appear in their profile. Students should check back often as additional competitions open throughout the year.

Common Knowledge

Prior to being permitted to take their first quiz, students must read and agree to the rules. In addition, they must pass a quiz with a 90% to demonstrate an understanding on the rules of the competition. In terms of scoring, 500 points are awarded for each answer that is correct and one point is deducted per second that it takes to respond. Thus, the competition assesses both a student’s knowledge and speed. When the competition ends, the person with the most points is the winner. The scholarships are awarded four times per year. Students are not allowed to obtain help from other individuals. If a student is suspected of cheating or hacking into the database, they will be disqualified and potentially prosecuted.

Other rules indicate that each winner must be verified by the scholarship administrators before receiving the award. Upon verification, students will be able to claim their award in their account. For students who are lucky enough to receive the scholarship, several forms will be required and will be sent to the student. The maximum amount that one individual can earn is $5,000.

Common Knowledge grant

The scholarship adheres to U.S. Eastern Standard time, so all times and dates for quiz completion and forms (for winners) must be taken before that time. If a student does not use their account for a one-year period, their information will be deleted. Only one person in each family may compete for each scholarship. Students can see their results immediately after taking the quiz and they can also see overall results on the homepage. The awards may be applied to cover the cost of tuition or related educational expenses at any college or university in the United States.