Community College Scholarships

Community College Scholarships

If you just graduated from high school or are returning to school after a delay, community colleges are a wonderful place to begin. Attending a community college is a great deal less expensive than going to a four-year college.

Sometimes people aren’t sure if they’re ready for a larger school, and community colleges offer you small class sizes and more personal attention. There are plenty of scholarships and grants that will help make this type of education even less expensive. You can always transfer to a four-year college after your two years in a smaller school, if you decide to continue your education.

Community college scholarships are an easy way to pay less – or nothing at all – to go to school. Whether you have good academic statistics, are a minority student or just have needs financially, you will probably be able to find numerous scholarships for which you can apply. Some will reward you for volunteering, as well, and you may seek some scholarships that offer tuition assistance if you go into certain fields that need more people in them.

Sponsors of scholarships seek outstanding qualifications when choosing who to award. This doesn’t mean you have to be a 4.0 GPA student, though. There are many scholarships out there that are not based on grades.


Horatio Alger Community College Scholarships

These scholarships are for people who have overcome some type of hardship in their lives. It is for students with financial need, and you do need to have good grades to win. If you have performed community service, that makes you a more attractive applicant.

The funds in these scholarships are targeted for two-year programs at smaller schools. You can study in any field you like. To find their application and additional information, visit their website.

Community College Scholarships

These scholarships pay half tuition if you have a 3.4 or higher GPA. The funds are intended for those studying in science or the arts. The credits are transferable. Their website describes the scholarship in more detail.


Owens Scholarships

If you went to a parochial or public high school or career center in Ohio, you may qualify for these academic achievement scholarships. The areas in Ohio which are qualifiers include Genoa High School or Woodmore High School in Sandusky and Benton-Carroll-Salem High school in Ottowa.

To be eligible, you must be in the top five percent of your graduating high school class, or have earned a 3.7 or better GPA in your career center.

If you qualify for these top five percent community college scholarships, you can receive 100% of your tuition paid, including instructional and general fees. These funds do not apply to any tuition which has already been paid by state or federal grants.

If you’re not in the top five percent of your class, this program also offers students in the top ten percent, or those who earned at least a 3.5 GPA from their career center an award of 50% of their tuition, to include instructional and general fees.