Community Service Scholarships

Community Service Scholarships

For all students to have a chance at success, the education system needs to work at providing the encouragement and support that students need in order to thrive. So many students head off to college without being prepared, and that means it will be tougher for them to keep pace with peers who are better-off.

Some students lose their interest in higher education unless concerned peers or adults intervene to help. Groups that sponsor community service scholarships believe that students can all succeed if they are just given a fair chance. If students are encouraged to participate in community service projects, they are more likely to want to learn and this gives them a better opportunity to be successful in that endeavor.

Communities and schools in the United States and non-profit organizations grant funding to improve the academic achievement of students who have helped in community projects that benefit everyone. When students increase their engagement with the community, they are more likely to apply themselves in college.

Students perform better in college when their college helps them become eager to learn. This is the best way for students to discover skills and develop a love for learning. Financial issues can be overcome when students are awarded community service scholarships.

Helping students learn may include extended school programs, teacher support, mentoring and tutoring. Students also benefit from opportunities for service learning, which give them a chance to experience life lessons that teach them about the world outside their campus.


The Segal Education Awards from AmeriCorps

These scholarships are open to students who participate in national service in any approved project of AmeriCorps. Named for Eli Segal, a pioneer in national service, this program helps students who serve for a year in AmeriCorps projects. After they complete their service, students are eligible for this award.

The funding from this award can be used for educational costs at technical schools, colleges and education programs approved by the GI-Bill. Funds from these community service scholarships can also be used to repay existing student loans. The full time dollar amount is tied to Pell Grant maximums, so it varies from one academic year to the next. At this time, members of AmeriCorps can earn up to two full-time awards for education and they have seven years in which to use the award, rather than the standard rule of use it the next year or lose it. More information can be found at the National Service site.

Boettcher Foundation Scholarship

Boettcher Foundation Scholarship

These community service scholarships are awarded by the selection committee of the Boettcher Foundation. Students are judged on their demonstrated leadership ability, community involvement, academic standing, service to school and community and outstanding character.

To be eligible, you must also meet these requirements:

  • Be a permanent resident or United States citizen
  • Have lived in Colorado for your last two years of high school
  • Be a Colorado graduating high school senior
  • Be eligible for the Colorado plan for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

You can check out the Boettcher Foundation website for additional information.