Creative Writing Scholarships

Creating Writing Scholarship

When you’re busy applying to colleges or for financial aid and scholarships, you’re already doing a lot of writing. This is a chore for some students, but if you plan to eventually write as a career, you’ll be more willing to spend time writing now, since there are scholarships out there for you. Take the time to write essays when needed, and you’ll have a better chance of winning scholarships.

In some cases, creative writing scholarships will pit writers like you against other types of artists. Some can be entered while you’re still in high school. There are many categories, from poetry and video game design to art and fiction. If you are a graduating senior, you can submit a complete portfolio of your work, in addition to the individual works that are requested.

Winners may be selected nationally, regionally, locally or by specific colleges. You may become eligible for more financial aid when you apply at one school, through partner educational institutions.

Signet Essay Scholarship Contest

Signet Essay Scholarship Contest

Signet Classics publishes literary works that are turned to by education professionals, students and the reading public. They also host this scholarship contest that requires an essay along with your application.

Five juniors and seniors will each win $1,000 in creative writing scholarships, to be used for higher education. They also win a library of Signet Classic books for the school they will be attending.

For this contest, your English teacher must submit your essay. The topic varies from year to year, and is always one that is easy to research, to make your essay writing job easier. Learn more at the Signet Classics essay scholarship website.

Family Travel Forum Write about Travel Scholarship

Family Travel Forum Write about Travel Scholarship

FTF is a trusted resource for vacation planning. Along with the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), which is a not-for-profit group, they offer creative writing scholarships that will encourage students to share their experiences in travel, through both images and words.

These blogs may be contemplative, serious or funny, as long as they provide information to the reader. Top winners receive awards of cash towards tuition. Twenty finalists also receive an honorable mention and travel-ready gifts.

First place in this contest wins $1,000. Second place wins $500 and third place wins $250.

To apply, you will need to sign up for the FTF community before you submit your essay. You will be required to complete a profile on their site and include a photo of yourself. You must be between the ages of 13 and 18 and currently a junior or senior in a high school in the US or Canada. You may also be enrolled in a home school program or studying at an American school abroad. The My Family Travels website is the place to join and complete a profile, and to find more information.

Alliance for Young Artists and Writers Scholarship

Alliance for Young Artists and Writers Scholarship

This award recognizes high school students who are creative in any of these categories:

  • General portfolio of writing
  • Dramatic script
  • Journalism
  • Humor
  • Novel
  • Nonfiction portfolio
  • Poetry
  • Personal memoir/essay
  • Short story
  • Science fiction or fantasy work

The entrants in this contest will be competing for creative writing scholarships regionally and then, if they win, they will move on to a national competition. Medalists in the national contest will be eligible for more than $250,000 in scholarship assistance each year. Their website contains more information and application.