Criminal Justice Scholarships

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When you are considering a career in criminal justice, you may wonder about your options for employment when you graduate. Usually, a bachelor’s or associate’s degree is a good foundation for a career in criminal justice. For some career opportunities, you may require certification beyond a degree in order to get the position you want. If you wish to work as a lawyer, criminal researcher or social worker, a graduate degree is needed.

Sometimes you may need education in related areas, to work in criminal justice. If you want to work as a profiler or criminologist, then criminal justice scholarships may help you to pursue coursework in psychology and criminology. If you want to work in forensics, then biology and chemistry will be needed. The ultimate goal for your career will influence your decisions about the types of coursework you need.

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Out to Protect Scholarships

These scholarships are intended for individuals who pursue a law enforcement career basic training program and who are transgender, bi-sexual, lesbian, gay or straight ally. The goal is supporting individuals to be positive law enforcement role models. It includes those who are already “out” to their peers.

The funders of these criminal justice scholarships believe that positive role models in the LGBT community can become effective officers in the criminal justice system. They also recognize the courage it takes to “come out” and to be “out” when one is a professional in law enforcement.

The requirements for these scholarships must be met before applications are considered. You must:

  • Be a role model recognized by supervisors and peers
  • Identify as transgender, bi-sexual, lesbian, gay or straight ally and be already “out” to friends, families and peers in law enforcement and in school
  • Demonstrate the ability to graduate from a training program for law enforcement
  • Use the Code of Ethics Law Enforcement Guide to aid in your decision making

More information about this opportunity is available at the Out to Protect website.

Heef Mike Corona Foundation Criminal Justice Scholarships

These scholarships aid in providing support for Orange County graduating seniors in high school to pursue careers in law enforcement. These are valuable scholarships for students, since they can be used for any educational expenses. They may be renewed as long as you successfully re-apply. Learn more at

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Roy A. Gustafson Memorial Scholarships

These criminal justice scholarships are sponsored by the Ventura County Community Foundation, for students pursuing a degree in law or criminal justice.

To be eligible, you must live in Ventura County and have graduated from a private or public high school in the same county. You must have completed one year of law school at a university or college in California.

The main purpose of these scholarships is providing a memorial to Roy Gustafson by helping a financially needy student, thus encouraging young people to become effective criminal justice professionals, showing ethics and proficiency. There is additional information for students at the Ventura County Community Foundation website.