Does apply for scholarships feel overwhelming? Often students avoid searching for and applying to scholarships because they worry that they will not be competitive enough or have a good chance at winning. Some students also fear the essays that are associated with the scholarship. If these challenges sound familiar, we have just the scholarship for you! provides college scholarships to students who are seeking funds for college. These scholarships are among the easiest scholarships to apply for and they are not based on academic merit. Read below to learn more about how to apply for the scholarships.

The eligibility criteria for the scholarships are among the easiest that we have seen so far. This is truly one organization that aims to remove barriers to obtaining college funding. In order to be eligible for the college scholarships, all applicants must be at least 13 years of age at not older than 25 years of age. In addition, each applicant must have a desire to obtain a scholarship to fund their college studies. In addition, all applicants are required to be a resident of either Canada or the United States. We promise that you will not find a scholarship with laxer eligibility criteria than this award!

In order to apply, students do not yet need to have chosen a college. If you are a younger student who is not yet ready to attend college and are chosen as a winner, the organization will hold your scholarship for an unlimited amount of time until you decide which institution you wish to attend. The application instructions are also very simple.

The application process for the scholarships entails three brief steps. As such, they suggest that it takes only a few minutes to apply for this scholarship. In the first step, applicants are required to register for a campaign, using this link. Secondly, students complete the campaign. Finally, each applicant must capture a photo of themselves completing the campaign and upload it with their application. By completing more than one campaign, students may be eligible for additional funds. The deadlines and the amount of the scholarships vary by campaign.

As an example, one campaign called Shedding Hate requires applicants to stand up to stop bullying. Applicants can earn a $5,000 scholarship if they are chosen as a winner. The deadline for this particular campaign is January 31st. One campaign that has an upcoming deadline is the Crash Text Dummy. In this campaign, applicants are required to develop innovative ways to stop their friends from texting while driving. The deadline for this award is $5,000 and the deadline for entry is May 31st. Other campaigns focus on advocating for more fair types of school punishment, recycling, and cancer.

This application does not require students to have a minimum grade point average. In fact, there is no special application form. Many students love this scholarship because there are no essays to complete. Additionally, you are not reliant of the opinions of a recommender in order to receive the award.