Dr. Pepper Scholarship


Dr. Pepper is a drink that you have probably tasted at some point in your life. If you haven’t, there is still a strong chance that you know about this sweet soda pop and have at least seen commercials regarding new flavors and promotions. But, the Dr. Pepper company is more than just a provider of a tasty beverage. It provides opportunities, too. That’s right, the Dr. Pepper brand has provided numerous individuals with financial aid and scholarships to help them to get through college. The following are Dr. Pepper Scholarship criteria and how you can get in on the exciting opportunity that Dr. Pepper is offering its customers and supporters.


Video Submission

The Dr. Pepper Scholarship is not your traditional scholarship. Rather, it brings elements of contest and excitement to the application process. Applicants for this scholarship must not fill out a traditional application. Rather, they must submit a video that explains why they deserve help in funding their education. The Dr. Pepper Scholarship video contest allows both the public and the Dr. Pepper family to have insight into that particular candidate’s needs and what they hope to gain from their college experience. It also allows for a more personal and intimate application process.

The Online Application

When submitting a video, an individual applicant will be required to link to their social media page which automatically fills their Facebook profile picture into the graphic image spot. Further, they must provide their email address and explain to the review committee what their particular career goals are. The Dr. Pepper Scholarship application requires that individuals tell their stories within a limited number of characters. Then, this publically posted video on the Dr. Pepper Scholarship page needs the applicants help in rallying support. Once the submission gets fifty likes or more, it is then that the video described above can be submitted.

Dr. Pepper Scholarship

The Leaderboard

Throughout the Dr. Pepper Scholarship run time, individuals will watch and compete against others for the most discussion and likes on their submissions. The more likes, the further up the leaderboard that they will be. From there, then, the top five individuals will be eligible for a reward each month, with a winner being drawn at random. The further along in the competition, the larger the Dr. Pepper Scholarship financial awards are. Therefore, staying focused and popular until the end of the contest increases the likelihood of taking home more prizes. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships have been awarded throughout the course of the different application process runs. Therefore, this can be a very lucrative way to fund a college education, with a lot of fun stops along the way.

How to Start

It is important for those that want to get on the Dr. Pepper Scholarship prizes to know where to start. The initial application and submission page can be found by clicking here. Remember, you can read more about the eligibility requirements and restrictions on the about us and information pages. Note, too, that social media accounts are necessary in order to apply for this financial program.