Duke University Scholarships

Students who are interested in attending Duke University commonly worry about how to fund their education. Luckily, there are a number of resources available to help students fund the cost of obtaining an education at Duke. One of the best ways to find scholarships that you might be eligible for is to complete the FAFSA application. This form will quickly tell you whether you have qualified for any state or federal funding. In addition to the FAFSA form, students should be sure to check out the scholarships that are offered exclusively to Duke University students. Below is a list of scholarships that you might want to consider looking at:

Benjamin N. Duke Scholars Program: This program was created to assist students who are future leaders attend Duke University. The program was created as a way to support students who show strong academic promise and leadership skills, and who are from either NC or SC. Students are expected to be actively involved in campus and community life, if they are chosen as recipients of this scholarship. Students who are offered this scholarship receive a full ride to Duke University. More specifically, they receive free tuition, no student fees, and free room and board for four years. Additionally, students are supported through two summers of community involvement. One of these summers is spent abroad while the other is spent in either NC or SC. Above and beyond the financial awards, students receive mentoring from program faculty.

In order to apply for this scholarship, you must simply apply to Duke prior to the admissions’ deadline and be a resident of NC or SC. All students who meet these criteria will be considered automatically for this scholarship. Students who are selected will be contacted in March. Additional information about this program can be found here.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars: Students who are designated as MasterCard Foundation Scholars at Duke University receive a number of important benefits. They receive the opportunity to pursue a project in Africa while obtaining money for their college. In order to apply, students must demonstrate academic achievement and financial need. Additionally, the award is only open to students who hail from sub-Saharan Africa and who desire to improve the lives of others living in Africa. Additional information about this scholarship can be found here.

Duke University Undergraduate University Scholars: Students who are designated as University Scholars also receive a full ride to Duke. This means that they receive complete tuition remission, no student fees, and free room and board for four years. Students are expected to receive USP mentoring and attend special seminars on a regular basis. Additionally, they should expect to attend interview weekend, show up for occasional USP activities such as cultural programming and coffee hours, and reply to all invitations. Students are automatically considered for this scholarship when they apply to Duke University. Financial need does play a role in the selection process. Additional information about the Undergraduate University Scholars Program can be found at this website.