Dunkin Donuts Scholarships

Many students who plan to attend college consider a variety of options when trying to decide how to fund their education. Perhaps one scholarship that you have not thought of can be found at the same place where you pick up your favorite morning coffee. For over 50 years, Dunkin Donuts has been providing scholarships to help students fund their education. This scholarship program is provided to assist the company in reaching its mission of giving back to the communities that they serve.

In order to be eligible for the Dunkin Donuts scholarships, applicants are required to be in their senior year of high school. The scholarship program is only open to students who live in certain areas. Students are required to live in Rhode Island, CT, Massachusetts, PA (Philadelphia area), New Hampshire, or the FL area in order to be considered. The easiest way to determine if you are eligible is to enter your zip code into the box that is located on this website and then click the “check your eligibility” box.

Every year, Dunkin Donuts offers forty of these scholarships to eligible students. Each scholarship is valued at $1,000. In order to apply students are required to apply online using the website above. The first step is to enter the zip code of their home address. If the student lives within an eligible area, he or she will see details related to the application process. If the student’s home falls outside of an eligible area, he or she will see a message indicating that they are unable to apply at this time. Students are required to apply before the application deadline. March 1st is the application deadline for students in Western MA, CT, Bristol County, MA, and Rhode Island. Students who are in New Hampshire or the Philadelphia region are able to apply through April 15th. Students who reside in one of the eligible areas of Florida have the latest deadline, which falls on April 29th.

Students often wonder what it takes to be selected for one of these Dunkin Donuts scholarships. In general, students are required to show that they are a “well-rounded” student who deserves to receive support to attend college. In order to do this, students have to show that they have been engaged in a variety of aspects of high school life, such as engaging in community service and obtaining work experience. Additionally, the selection committee especially values students who have a demonstrated record of leadership ability. Additionally, all candidates are required to show a strong academic record, such as high grades or high exam scores. Students who have received any academic honors or awards are highly encouraged to list these in their application as well. However, students are not required to be in the top percentiles of their graduating class in order to be a competitive candidate. Rather, the strongest applicants are those who have excelled in academics, extracurricular activities, and other life domains during their high school years.