Environmental Science Scholarships

Environmental Science Scholarship

If you are majoring in Environmental Science, there are specific scholarships that will help to pay for your tuition, books and fees. The opportunities are different for undergraduates and those in graduate work. Scholarships offer money that you will never have to repay.

Grants are intended as “gifted” money for students from low-income families. Environmental Science Scholarships, on the other hand, are usually earned. They may be awarded by the federal or local government, colleges, not-for-profit groups or private companies.

It’s important to explore the possibilities for funding before you attend college. Look for those that are specific to the area of your desired studies. You could have more of a chance at winning them. The more interested you are in this area, the more impassioned your essays will be, and this may help you to win more awards.

Where to Find Environmental Science Scholarships

Local groups like foundations, businesses, chambers of commerce and churches may offer scholarships to local students in their area. Unions sometimes promote scholarships for members’ dependents. Even the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have scholarships available in this field.

Various conservation groups and organizations offer Environmental Science Scholarships to would-be college students, or adults returning to school after time spent in a different career or in raising a family. In addition, your college of choice may have scholarships available, though these are sometimes targeted for only juniors or seniors. Special interest groups also have funding opportunities for talented students in the field.

The Top Environmental Science Scholarships

Florida Outdoor Writers Association Scholarship


One of the ways in which FOWA involves the general public in its mission of conservation is to award scholarships every year to college students who deserve help. The tradition behind these scholarships is the support and encouragement of young women and men whose goal within their careers is to communicate an appreciation and love for the environment.

Those who are affiliated with FOWA use this chance to encourage promising environmental advocates to apply for FOWA scholarships. Members who know of deserving students may encourage them to apply. They will take that chance to check into application and selection criteria and eligibility. Members can endorse the applications of worthy students. Applications must be endorsed by a FOWA member or their faculty advisor.


Brower Youth Award for Environmental Leadership

Brower Youth Award

The Brower Youth Environmental Leadership Award was established by the Earth Island Institute in 2000. It is named for David Brower, who was a renowned advocate for the environment.

Six students receive the Brower scholarship each year, with $3,000 each as award. They also receive a week’s trip and accommodations to San Francisco, and a short film describing their work, produced by an Emmy award winning crew.


NOAA Scholarships

NOAA Scholarship

The NOAA Environmental Science Scholarships provide opportunities for both graduate students and undergraduates. You can gain hands-on experience as you research and receive educational training in sciences related to NOAA.

Students are selected in competition to programs in education, management, policy and technology. NOAA offers support for two years of study, for students who attend full-time and remain in good standing academically.