Fastweb Scholarship

Fastweb Scholarship

Fastweb is an online scholarship search engine that helps students narrow down their scholarship search quickly and efficiently. In order to better match students with appropriate awards, Fastweb requires students to complete a brief online profile as part of a registration process. The beginning of this process asks basic demographic information about students, such as their year in school, their date of birth, and the type of scholarships they are seeking. Students will then enter their new password in order to create their account.

After entering a password, students will be automatically routed to the second step of the match process, which asks them questions about their school (grade point average, major, colleges they are interested in attending) and personal details (citizenship, ethnicity, and military service).

Fastweb Scholarship

Finally, students will proceed onto the third and final step of the registration process. This entails students entering their contact information, such as their street address and phone number. Upon entering this brief information, students are then taken to another page which shows them how many “new matches” they have. This is the number of current scholarships that the student can apply for at the present time. This number may change over time, as scholarship dates open and close and as students’ progress in their studies. In addition, to the right of that, students will see the “potential value” of the scholarships that they are eligible to apply for.

In order to apply for scholarships, students can click on the number of matches they have. A list will appear with the names of all the awards they have matched with. Each award will also list the amount that the scholarship is worth, the deadline application, and ask you whether or not you will apply. If you choose the selection “will apply” Fastweb will send you reminders about the deadline as it draws near.

In addition to providing students with a more targeted scholarship search, Fastweb assists students with finding resources to assist them with the difficult decision about financial aid. Students can also receive career advice as well as assistance with finding a college that best meets their financial needs and academic interests.

Fastweb Scholarship1

Fastweb can also help students locate specific scholarships according to a unique characteristic or skills. For example, some articles on their website are written to help women find scholarships: Other resources on the website are geared towards assisting students find scholarships for studying abroad: A number of tips and resources about applying to scholarships according to certain categories, can be found at this website:

Overall, Fastweb provides students a large, time-savings benefit. Instead of having to sort through hundreds or thousands of scholarships individually, students only have to enter their information once and the computer will match them with awards for which they are eligible. It also provides students, especially those who are disorganized, with helpful tools for tracking the deadlines and application status of scholarships.