First Generation Scholarships

First Generation Scholarships Grant

Educations are often taken for granted as something that will be accomplished in many homes. The truth is, though, that a college education is not guaranteed and many individuals grow up in households where no one has pursued a degree beyond high school. Because of the socioeconomic struggles that are often associated with a lack of this degree, finding the money for a college education can be very difficult in these situations. But, the journey is no less important. That is why there are several different first generation scholarships available for students that want to pursue a degree beyond what anyone else in the home has done and many of these opportunities are highly lucrative, too.

1. Catawba College First Family Scholarship

Catawba College is an institution of higher learning that recognizes the importance and need for students to move to their next educational level, sometimes surpassing their parents’ levels of education. They also know how difficult that college transition can be both emotionally and financially with budgetary restrictions often making this a very difficult transition. That is why the Catawba College First Family Scholarship was created in order to provide first generation scholarships to students that are going to be the first one in their household to earn a degree. Students must also have filled out the Federal Application for Student Aid and meet financial eligibility requirements. Criteria and restrictions do apply so be sure to review the eligibility requirements here.

First Generation Scholarships

2. Dorrance Scholarship

Funded with the backing of the Arizona Community Foundation, the Dorrance Scholarship is an opportunity to garner one of the first generation scholarships for students in the state of Arizona. All applicants must be high school seniors and planning to attend an accredited and approved academic program. Further, students must be the first in their family to attend or pursue a degree in upper level education. Students must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and be in good academic and social standing, as well as participate in community service activities. Applicants can receive up to a $10,000 annual award that is renewable up to a certain amount of time. For that reason, be sure to check out this scholarship and all of its requirements here.

Buick Achievers Scholarship

3. Buick Achievers Scholarship

Buick is another company that believes in giving back to their supporters through a network of financial programs and grants. They also offer scholarship opportunities, too. For those looking for first generation scholarships and opportunities, Buick reserves a special pool of money for those that are going to be the first one in their family to attend college. The goal of this program is to influence the next generation of achievers by providing financial resources to help them throughout their college career. The Buick Achievers Scholarship requires that individuals be first generation as well as meet financial aid and other eligibility restrictions. For details on how you can apply for this very lucrative and highly rewarding scholarship, visit the information page here.