Graphic Design Scholarships

Graphic Design Scholarships

Students who study in the field of graphic design may choose from many career opportunities when they graduate. Depending on your education level, you may work in advertising, journalism, public relations or publishing. Graphic design is also in high demand for businesses, since project managers use multimedia presentations for their potential clients.

Advanced degrees in this field may even lead you to a career in the film industry, which involves work on movies or television. Graphic design scholarships will allow you to pursue a career in computer game design, as well.

Graphic design is the broad term for various skills. They include computer graphics, technical illustration and printing. Professional training is found at technical schools, but if you are serious about your career, study in a two year or four year college is preferred by most employers. If you have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, you will find challenging opportunities with larger companies.

The field of graphic design is very popular, and thus very competitive. Like other creative awards, graphic design scholarships can be difficult to find. However, there are programs offering financial aid to students who pursue degrees in the field. You’ll just need to spend a little more time researching your choices.

Graphic Communications Scholarship

The Graphic Communications Scholarship

This foundation offers financial aid to students in the New York City metro area, who pursue careers in the field of graphic communications. They provide money for college, as well as advising and mentoring students from high school through grad school.

Along with these graphic design scholarships, you will find learning resources, educational materials and training aids to develop your skills. This is a good way to become recognized in the field. More information is available at the foundation website.

Ann Arbor Graphic Arts Memorial Foundation Scholarship

Ann Arbor Graphic Arts Memorial Foundation Scholarship

The AAGAMF was established to provide funding for students who wish to train for a printing industry career. The funds are awarded without regard to national origin, disability, sex, religion, creed, color or race.

For you to be eligible, you must be:

  • A senior in high school or a high school graduate
  • Interested in working in printing
  • A full time student
  • Preparing to pursue a two year or four year college program
  • Capable of maintaining a 2.0 or higher GPA

The number and amount of these graphic design scholarships is dependent on the funding available. Awards are $2,500 and up. Scholarships may be given for a full four year term in college, as long as you maintain a suitably high GPA and continue studying in an approved program. The foundation website includes more information.

Graphics and Print Scholarship

Graphics and Print Scholarship Foundation

This foundation is an industry-directed, private, not-for-profit group that awards scholarships to undergraduate students. Their mission is to strengthen the graphic and print communication industries by awarding these scholarships.

The Graphics and Print Scholarship Foundation coordinates the largest scholarship award program in the United States and has done so since it was established in 1956. Donations from associations, individuals and printing companies provide funding for the program. This allows awards for the printing and graphic communications industry. Learn more about the program on their website.