Hacer Scholarship


The Ronald McDonald House Charities is a philanthropic group that works throughout communities to promote volunteerism and support of fellow community members. There are several different aspects of this charity and what it does to give back. One of the ways that they reach out—and the one of focus in this discussion—is through scholarship opportunities. Specifically of interest in this article is the Ronald McDonald House Charities Hacer Scholarship. The following will outline more about this scholarship, the criteria, and what the eligibility requirements and goals of this scholarship are.


The RMHC Hacer Scholarship requires that an individual have at least one parent of Hispanic descent or origin. Students applying must demonstrate academic success with a grade point average of at least 2.7 on a 4.0 scale and be active in their communities. All recipients, too, must not only describe their financial need but also provide documentation for proof as well. RMHC applicants for the Hacer Scholarship will be required to write an essay as well that outlines their career goals and the set of circumstances that make the scholarship monies vital to their future success.

Also included in this essay must be a discussion of cultural background and the ways in which said applicant has given back to their community. Though not the only aspect of the application, the essay portion of the application is a large and important part. Note, too, that all RMHC scholars must be from an area where there is an acting and involved RMHC Chapter.


The monies from the Hacer Scholarship can vary from year to year. It depends on the number of awards given and the amount of funding available through the charity’s network of resources. Typically, though, a Hacer Scholarship recipient receives thousands of dollars to fund their education. This is to be used to pay for tuition, books, or other educational related expenses. All criteria is discussed on the applications page and will be outlined for any Hacer Scholarship winner.

Goal of the Scholarship

RMHC Scholarships, including the Hacer Scholarship, are meant to reward those in the community who want to pursue a degree in higher education and who have a demonstrated need. More importantly, though, the RMHC scholarships were created to help fill the socioeconomic gap in higher education and help those who may not have previously been able to afford college to do so. While the Hacer Scholarship focuses on Hispanic minorities, there are other minority scholarships within this group as well, including the RMHC African American Scholarship and RMHC Asian Scholarship, in addition to the traditional RMHC Scholarship. Though the eligibility requirements are a bit different, the overall goal is the same: to promote and reward hardworking students who give back and want to go to college.

hacer scholarship

To Apply

If you wish to apply for the Hacer Scholarship or another RMHC scholarship, applicants should visit the RMHC Scholarship page. All eligibility requirements are expounded upon and explained here. There are also links to application resources as well.