Health Professions Scholarship

Health Professions Scholarship

The Health Professions Scholarship Program is a unique opportunity for students to receive some paid tuition during their college years. The award is available through three different organizations: the United States Navy, the United States Air Force, and the United States Army. Students who are planning to enter a variety of different health profession fields are eligible for consideration.

Currently, this scholarship is open to students who are studying to become veterinarians, psychologists, optometrists, pharmacists, physicians, dentists, or nurse practitioners. The program covers the cost of a student’s education and in exchange the student becomes a commissioned officer. Students also incur a service commitment, that ranges in time, depending on the financial support that they received. During the years that students receive a scholarship, students receive free tuition, a monthly stipend, waiver of some academic fees, laptop rental, and coverage of all required books and equipment. These fees are paid by the Navy, Air Force, or Army (whichever organization the students chooses to go through).

Health Professions Scholarships

The Air Force offers students the option to choose between one-year to four-year scholarship options. The one and two year options are opened to psychologists, optometrists, and pharmacists. The two and three year options are available to nurses. And the longer duration programs, the three and four year programs are for dental and medical corps members. Each year that the student receives a scholarship and has their tuition covered, they are required to spend 45 days on active duty. Upon graduating from their degree program, they incur a one-year duty commitment for every year they accepted the scholarship. The exact amount of the award varies, but students can receive up to $45,000 per year plus an additional $2,000 monthly stipend. Additional information about this award can be found here: The minimum amount of time a recipient must serve is three years.

The Army also offers one-year to four-year scholarship options. The Army will pay up to 100 percent of a student’s entire graduate level professional degree, provided that the training takes place in Puerto Rico or the United States. In addition to receiving a scholarship that will cover the full-tuition cost and a monthly living stipend, students can also receive a $20,000 sign-on bonus. This sign-on bonus is available to qualified dental and medical students. The monthly stipend also provides $2,000 worth of covered expenses each month. In order to be eligible, students must hold a B.A. from an accredited university. Students must currently attend or have been accepted into an accredited professional program in Puerto Rico of the U.S. Furthermore, students must qualify to be a commissioned officer, enroll on a full-time basis, and be a U.S. citizen. Additional information can be found here:

Air Force program

The Navy only offers three-year to four-year scholarship options. The exact requirements and program are very similar to the Air Force program. Additional information, as well as the option to contact a recruiter, can be found at this website: