Hood Scholarship

Hood Scholarships

Any student who has played high school sports understands the importance of good sportsmanship. More specifically, this may mean congratulating a team when they beat your team, helping an opponent in need, or contributing to your own fellow teammates in a meaningful way. As such, the Hood Sportsmanship Scholarship rewards such students with scholarships worth $5,000 to put toward the cost of their college tuition.

The Hood Sportsmanship Scholarship rewards New England athletes. This scholarship program was founded in 2010 and since that time, it has awarded more than $500,000 in scholarship money. Hood is a major milk producer in the United States, particularly along the east coast. Some of their most famous products include: BAILEYS Coffee Creamers, LACTAID, and Blue Diamond Almond Breeze.

Hood Grant

Each year, three students from each of the New England States (Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire) are selected to be recipients of this award. Last year, more than 2,500 students applied for this scholarship. The pool was narrowed down to the top 10 finalists in each of the six member states. This was done through votes cast by the public. Then, finalists were interviewed by judges who selected the top three applicants from each state.

In order to be eligible to apply for this scholarship each applicant has to meet a number of different eligibility criteria. First of all, students must have been an active member of a varsity sport during their high school career. Secondly, students are required to have engaged in community service activities. Thirdly, all students must hold at least a 3.0 grade point average. Lastly, each applicant must show that they possess and demonstrate an extremely high level of sportsmanship while engaging in their chosen sport. Students who plan to attend both community colleges and traditional four-year colleges are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

In order to apply, students are also required to write a brief essay. In the essay, they must describe their response to a prompt about sportsmanship. Last year’s prompt required students to write about how they show integrity and sportsmanship not only while on the playing field, but also while off the field. After that, all eligible candidates are posted online. At that point, the general public takes turns voting on the candidates. After the top ten candidates from each state are selected, the voting shifts to the judges.


Judges interview the top ten candidates from each state. Only three top candidates per state are chosen. The chosen recipients will attend an awards ceremony and then be inducted into the Hood Sportsmanship Hall of Fame. In general, the voting for each cycle occurs around April. Students can see biographies and pictures of previous winners at the following website: https://hood.com/scholarship. At the bottom of the page, students can see the full rules and regulations.

This scholarship is a great opportunity for athletes living in the New England region. In addition to scoring some free money for college, students also receive some much deserved recognition for their sportsmanship!