Howard University Scholarships

Like many colleges, Howard University offers a variety of school specific scholarships that are aimed at attracting students to attend the institution. In order to qualify for many of these scholarships, students will be required to complete a FAFSA application. This application will quickly tell you whether or not you qualify for any state or federal funds in order to support your education. Since many of the scholarships at Howard University are designed to fill the gap between the actual cost of attendance and your current financial aid package, it will be important to complete the FAFSA. In addition, funds you may be eligible for based on your FAFSA responses, Howard University offers these unique scholarships that you may wish to consider applying for:

The Frederick Douglass Scholars Program: This scholarship was created to recruit new students at the doctoral level. Only students who show strong academic promise will be considered for this scholarship. More specifically, students are required to hold at least a 3.5 grade point average and plan to enroll in one of Howard University’s doctoral programs. Applicants should also be able to demonstrate an interest in teaching at the collegiate level. The scholarship permits students to receive a total of $15,000 per year, for a maximum of five years. Thus, the applicant could receive a total of $75,000 through this scholarship. In addition to the stipend, an additional $1,000 is awarded each year to support the student’s research and each recipient receives complete tuition remission. Recipients also receive faculty supervision and dedicated activities to improve their teaching. All students must attend on a full-time basis.

Transfer Scholarship Program: Howard University realizes that sometimes a student’s first choice of college does not work out. Thus, in an effort to recruit talented students who are interested in transferring from other universities, they have developed the Howard University Transfer Scholarship. These awards are offered on a competitive basis and there are a limited number of scholarships available to transfer students each year. In fact, students are required to hold at least a 3.25 and have at least 30 credit hours that can be transferred. Recipients of this award will receive a scholarship worth $10,000 for the first semester they are enrolled at Howard. The scholarship is not renewable.

Trustee Scholarships: Howard University offers a number of different Trustee Scholarships, which are awarded exclusively based on academic merit. In order to be eligible for these awards, students must hold at least a 3.0 grade point average, be enrolled at Howard on a full-time basis and demonstrate financial neediness. Some of these awards are available within each of the colleges and schools at Howard University. In order to apply, students should check with their school or college to determine the processes for application, selection, and other required information.

Additional information about these scholarships can be found at this link. Using that same link, students can find additional opportunities for scholarships at Howard, such as the ROTC Scholarships and the Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Scholars Program.