League of Legends Scholarships

Are you an avid gamer? If so, the League of Legends Scholarship may be just what you are searching for to assist with your college tuition. In addition to receiving financial support, recipients will have the added bonus of finally telling their parents that something useful did actually come out of all those hours spent playing video games! This scholarship is awarded based on a combination of academic merit and participation, at the collegiate level, in the online video gaming community. This scholarship is offered at a number of different colleges, including the ones listed below:

U.S. Irvine League of Legends Scholarship: UC Irvine made history when it became the first public institution to offer a scholarship for students who play the League of Legends game. This scholarship is awarded to ten students at a time. When a recipient leaves UC Irvine or graduates, another recipient will be named. Teams within UC Irvine will compete against each other as well as other schools. Additional information about the gaming community at UCI can be found at this website.

Robert Morris University League of Legends Scholarship: The scholarship available for students interested in playing LOL provides up to $19,000 to attend Robert Morris University. Students who are interested in learning more about the LOL and esports teams can find information about the competition at this website. The university allows students who are interested in participating in esports to be recruited like many NCAA sports. Applicants can fill out a brief form online, which includes their name, contact information, and other interests. Then, they will receive additional information about their chosen sport. Students can find the recruitment form at this website.

Columbia College: This college is planning to start their League of Legends teams in Fall 2016. The university is in the process of hiring a coach and twelve players to start their team. Scholarships are available to students who show promise in the egame arena. Students who are interested in obtaining more information about the financial aid awards can e-mail the eSports director, whose contact information is listed on this site. The scholarship is renewable provided that students maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average. In addition, all students must be enrolled full-time and agree that attend daily gaming practices. The scholarship that is currently offered provides partial tuition remission. The students who are chosen to form the teams will compete against other college tams that are located through the United States and Canada.

The University of Pikeville: This college, which is located in KY, offers a number of different scholarships for League of Legends players. Their program also started this past fall and the university is currently offering 20 different scholarships for qualified students. All students who wish to be considered for this award should contact the athletics’ department at the university. In addition, students are required to officially apply to the university and fill out a FAFSA form in order to be considered. Additional information is available here.