Left Handed Scholarships


Financial aid for college is not something that has ever been “one size fits all”. Funding for your education takes many forms, and comes from many different sources. Scholarships and grants are an essential resource for many college students. They help in paying for tuition, transportation, books, housing and other expenses associated with higher education. Each source gives you valuable assistance; however, grants and scholarships give you the best terms, since you will not have to repay them.


Some college aid packages are geared to specific groups, like women and ethnic minorities. You can even find left-handed scholarships. Along with awards for other segments of students, this targeted financial assistance will increase campus diversity and foster better access to higher quality education for all under-represented student groups. Your unique traits can actually help you in your search for college funding.

Below you will find scholarships for left handed students. If you meet their requirements, you may be able to secure financial aid for college from one or more.

$1,000 Cappex Easy Money College Scholarship


This is an easy scholarship that is available for left handed students. Cappex awards a $1,000 scholarship each month. All you have to do is fill out an easy registration form. The application is free and takes under two minutes, so it’s time well spent. You read more information about the scholarship at this website and then register yourself online by clicking here:

The Top Left Handed Scholarships Available

Frederick and Mary F BuckleyScholarship

Left-handers excel in some sports, but are largely ignored by manufacturers of products. They may be stereotyped as weird by the right-handed majority of the population, but left-handers can find financial assistance and recognition at Juniata College, which is a smaller, liberal arts college located in Huntingdon, PA.

Juniata College’s left-handed scholarships are worth $1,000 – $1,500 per year to only their most studious southpaws. It was started by Mary Francis Beckley, who was a former student at Juniata, with an original donation of $24,000. More than 40 left-handed Juniata students have taken advantage of the scholarshipsince its inception in 1979.

This scholarship is for any class except freshmen who attend Juniata College. Its stipend is not transferable to other colleges. Left-handed students are only identified by answering the last question (“Are you left-handed?”) on the data form for the college.

The award winners will be those with the top records, academically. Students are not asked to prove that they are even left-handed. No one checks when forms are filled out for these left-handed scholarships. Right-handed people have been known to be awarded the scholarships, too.

MRCA Foundation Left Handed Scholarship Award

This scholarship is awarded by the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA). The amounts of awards vary, depending on the funds available. The typical award amount is $1,000.

The award amount and number of awards are determined by the directors of the MRCA Foundation. The total number of recipients of this award varies from one year to the next. It depends on how many college students meet their eligibility requirements for these right and left-handed scholarships. Weight is also placed on academic performance and community service. More award information can be found on the MRCA website.


AAST Medical Student Scholarships

The purpose of these scholarships is sponsoring medical research, specifically in the areas of acute care surgery, burns and trauma. It is open to medical students who have attended the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST) annual meeting.

Awards are based on the review of applications by the scholarship committee of AAST. Each one year scholarship is worth $500, and an additional $200 may be awarded as a stipend for miscellaneous items and food.

These right and left-handed scholarships are used for the solicitation of candidates who will participate in the two-year trauma program through AAST. The candidates benefit from the work that is delivered from committee participation and surgical assignments. For additional information, check their site.

Constitutional Officers’ Association of Georgia (COAG) Scholarship

To qualify for this scholarship, you must be a high school senior in Georgia or at the same level in your pursuit of a GED. You need to be a US citizen who will graduate by Spring of this academic year, or any student in Georgia who is enrolled in a college in Georgia.

To apply for the COAG Scholarship:

  • Present an acceptance letter or an enrollment letter from an accredited Georgia school of higher education. This includes junior college, technical college or four-year college.
  • Present a copy of your application so that the scholarship committee can verify your degree field, which must be related to pre-law, business, finance, accounting, political science, law enforcement or government.
  • Submit an essay of 1000 words on the theme you will find at their website.
  • Present your COAG application for right and left-handed scholarships. For more information about this award, please visit their website.

Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award

This fund for right and left-handed scholarships was established in 1989, to honor a person, organization, institution or project for contributions to education and equality for girls and women. It is awarded for a range of student activities including research, education, legislative and legal work towards equality for girls and women. The scholarship does focus on education but recipients do not need to be educators. Learn more at their official site.


American Dissertation Scholarships

If you’re very smart, in addition to being left-handed, a dissertation scholarship will help in offsetting your living expenses while you complete your education. Scholarships must be used in the last year of schooling.

To qualify for these scholarships, you must have completed all your course work, passed your preliminary examinations and have received approval for your dissertation plans or proposals. If you held a fellowship in the prior year, you will not be eligible.

These left-handed scholarships are open to students in all study areas. You may study in math, engineering, technology or science. Their website has more information.

Vicki L. Schechtman Scholarship

This scholarship offers women in undergraduate studies $1,000 to pursue careers in science. If you are pursuing research, you will receive preference. You must be a female who studies at a university or college, and who meets all the qualifications.

Current and incoming freshmen are encouraged to put in applications for this award. You must hold a 3.0 or higher GPA and be a US citizen. You should choose a study field recognized by the National Science Foundation.

Among left-handed scholarships, this is a sizable award for undergraduate women. You can apply if you are enrolled in a United States learning institution studying psychology, information sciences, computer sciences, engineering or physical sciences. You can use this scholarship for any part of your education. More information is available at the scholarship website.