Marine Biology Scholarships


Marine biology is the study of aquatic or marine life. Scientists in this field attempt to know, understand, research, and analyze the creatures and ecosystems that lie beneath the water’s surface. The secrets of the sea can help to do more than expand our knowledge of the earth’s systems. They can lead to discoveries in animal care, health, medicine, and other scientific fields. The pursuit of this degree, however, can be a long and sometimes tough journey which the costs of education only complicate. Therefore, to help students that are interested in pursuing this degree, marine biology scholarships are discussed briefly in the list below with actual links toward more information. If you are in or are considering this field, check this information out

1. Don Reynolds Memorial Scholarship

When dealing in marine biology, many individuals will require special certifications in their attempt to do research and obtain their degree. One of the most common of marine biology certifications is the underwater diving certification that says an individual is capable and knowledgeable in the area of aquatic dives. This, as any diver knows, can be an expensive process. Therefore, one of the marine biology scholarships available to students pursuing this degree actually takes care of the cost of the diving classes. The Don Reynolds Memorial Scholarship award recipients provide $1000 toward the certification for an open water dive. Eligibility requirements for this scholarship can be found here.

2.Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program

For student’s that are pursuing an advanced degree in marine biology, there is a scholarship available. The Nancy Foster Scholarship Program, funded and promoted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is for those that are pursuing a degree in one of several subject areas, including marine biology. Students that are pursuing this scholarship are eligible if they are in an approved major with special privileges given to those that are pursuing a career area where minorities are highly underrepresented. The award can be thousands of dollars, including a stipend, and involves the opportunity to collaborate at an NOAA facility. Students must be pursuing a Master’s and Doctoral degree in the aforementioned qualifying fields of study. For more information and to apply, click here.

Delores Fisher Award

3. Delores E. Fisher Award

The study of oceans and the life held within is a passion that has been shared among scholars for years. The Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society presents one of the marine biology scholarships known as the Delores E. Fisher Award to connect the past with the present. This award is given by the education department of the Society and recognizes outstanding passion or achievements by young women in an oceanic related field of study. This scholarship is not exclusive to marine biology majors, but, it does exclude individuals who are applying for aid to study in fields that are completely unrelated to the ocean and its beauty. Applicants, as aforementioned, must be female and under the age of thirty-five. To fill out an application or to learn more about the program, visit here.