Massachusetts Scholarships

Massachusetts Scholarships

Massachusetts is a mecca for college students from all walks of life. Boasting world renowned universities, such as Harvard, M.I.T., and Boston University, students from all over the world are attracted to MA to further their college education. The state of MA has developed a number of scholarships that are open to MA residents. Some of these scholarships require students to pursue a degree at a public institution while others fund students who study at any college or university. Additionally, each institution offers a number of awards are open to students from anywhere. Students seeking MA scholarships should use the list below as a starting place to develop ideas of where to obtain funding for college:


MA residents should begin by looking at the following website, run by the Department of Education: Students must be residents of the U.S. and complete a FAFSA application to be considered for these awards. The state of MA offers the following grants, which are only open to MA residents:

Massachusetts Scholarships

Part-Time Grant Program: This award allows students who plan to enroll on a part-time basis to receive state funding. Students must enroll for somewhere between 6 to 11 credits per semester. Only students who demonstrate financial need and who have not earned a B.A. are eligible.


Massachusetts High Demand Scholarship Program: This award was developed by the state to help close the gap between the shortage of employees to fill high need jobs. The exact areas of high need change from year to year, so students should look at the website to determine if their program is eligible. Only students who have at least a 3.0 grade point average and who have not earned a previous B.A. degree are eligible. This award is flexible in that it provides funding to students at all levels (community college and 4-year colleges are supported) as well as to students who attend on a part- and full-time basis. The amount of the award ranges from $2,000 to $6,500.


John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: This award is given to students who demonstrate academic excellence. Students who achieve high test scores in 10th grade can receive up to eight semesters of free tuition at any state college. Only students who attend of a full-time basis are eligible.

Massachusetts John and Abigail Adams Scholarship

Individual universities offer their own awards to incoming students. For example, Boston University, awards the prestigious Trustee and Presidential Scholarships each year. The Trustee scholarship provides students with a full ride scholarship. The Presidential scholarship provides students with $20,000 to put towards their tuition bill each year. Both of these awards may be renewed for additional years provided that the recipient maintains eligibility. Additional information about these and other Boston University scholarships can be found at this website: Students who attend other universities should inquire about specific funding options with the Office of Admissions of the Office of Financial Aid.