McKay Scholarship

McKay Scholarship

When it comes to pursuing an education at any level, students can find the cost extravagant and almost impossible to overcome without adding on years of debt repayments. For students with disabilities and the family that has helped raise them to success, the costs of an education often are compounded by medical expenses and other financial focuses. Beyond that, having a disability can pose challenges in learning that make staying in an elementary or secondary education all the more difficult. That is why the McKay Scholarship was developed, to help those with a disability achieve the goals that they have set for themselves in relation to higher learning endeavors and getting through their formative years.

McKay Grant

What Is The McKay Scholarship?

The McKay Scholarship is more than just a single opportunity for monetary gain. It is an active and outreaching program that has been developed to create leverage for those that have faced a life changing disability. Often called the McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program, this organization was developed in 1999 to help provide scholarships to students that have faced a developmental disability. The outreach that they have provided has helped hundreds of students achieve their educational goals and reach heights they never would have thought possible before.


The Goal of the Scholarship

The goal of the McKay scholarship is to help fund specialized education during K-12 years for students with disabilities. Unfortunately, many times public schooling options and many private institutions do not provide the best learning environment for students that struggle with disabilities. The McKay Scholarship has an end goal of providing the resources necessary for students to pay for a specialized education at an institution that will help them to achieve their educational goals more quickly and with the guidance and help that they need and deserve. This can get very expensive and the McKay Scholarship knows and understands this. They offer tuition reimbursement up to the full amount of the education and at the value the public school would have received had that individual attended their particular institutions rather than opting out.

Who Is Eligible?

There are several ways that a student can become eligible for a scholarship through the McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program. Firstly, students must have a diagnosed disability, including—but not limited to—developmental disabilities, speech and language impediments, and haring issues such as deafness. Students that are visually impaired and those with behavioral and emotional disabilities are also eligible. Students with common learning disabilities including dyslexia, are also eligible for this award. For a full list of disabilities, visit the McKay Scholarship website via the link provided below. Student must meet residency eligibility requirements as well, having had to live in the state of Florida for at least one year prior to application.

Students in grades K-12 may apply for the McKay Scholarship and must provide proof of referral if coming from particular disability programs. All of this is explained via the McKay Scholarship website which can be found by following this link.