Minority Scholarships

Minority Scholarships

Students who come from minority backgrounds have traditionally been underrepresented in academia. As such, a number of scholarships have been created to help minority students achieve their educational goals. Some of these scholarships are offered through the federal government while others are offered through private companies.

Students who are seeking minority scholarships can find them through a number of ways. First, students will want to complete the FAFSA form. This form will quickly inform applicants whether they qualify for any federal or state level funding. Additionally, students will want to check about funding opportunities for minority students at their future or current college. Many times colleges have specific funding that is earmarked for minority applicants. Another source of funding is through major-specific professional organizations, which often have scholarships geared towards students from minority backgrounds. If you are not sure of the professional organizations in your field, try asking someone in your department. Lastly, many private companies offer scholarships exclusively for minority students. Students can easily find these by signing up with an online search engine, such as Fastweb. This list below offers some specific minority scholarships.

Sallie Mae Scholarships for Minority Students: Sallie Mae maintains a database of minority scholarships. Students who come from Hispanic, Pacific Islander, African American, Asian American, or Native American backgrounds can find more information about main scholarships for their ethnic background at this website. This is a great resource as students can also find some helpful hints of how to write a winning essay and how to fill out a scholarship application at the bottom of the website.

Xerox Minority Scholarships: Xerox provides scholarships that range between $1,000 to $10,000 to eligible students who come from minority backgrounds. In order to be eligible, students must plan to enroll on a full-time basis as an engineering or technical science major. Students in junior college are not eligible for this award, as it is only open to students who attend a traditional four-year program or a graduate program. Additionally, students must be a permanent resident or citizen of the United States in order to be eligible for this scholarship. Students who are interested in applying for this award should be sure to complete an application prior to the September 30th deadline. Additional information about the Xerox Minority Scholarships is available at this link.

Johnson & Johnson AACN Minority Nurse Faculty Scholars:This award is open to students of minority backgrounds who intend to major in nursing. Unlike many other awards, immigrants and refuges may be eligible to receive this award. Applicants can receive up to $16,500 in order to defray the cost of their education. In exchange for receiving the award, recipients agree to work in a nursing faculty program. Any full-time student is eligible to apply; however, preference is given to students who are matriculated in doctoral programs. Students who wish to be considered for this award should complete the application prior to the May 1st deadline. Additional information is available here.