MIT Scholarships


MIT is a leading institution of higher learning that has passed through generations of individuals that are becoming and have become the leaders in several different career fields. Located in Massachusetts, MIT is the shortened name given to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an institution which focuses on these career areas among others. For those that pay out of pocket to attend this university, they know that the cost can range into the tens of thousands of dollars annually. Rather than pay out of pocket to attend this university, consider pursuing one of their offered MIT scholarships to help you pay for your future and your career. The following explains more about these opportunities and where you can go to apply.

MBA Program Merit Awards

If you are a student that is interested in pursuing an MBA at MIT, there are financial awards available. Known as Merit Awards, these MIT scholarships are provided via the MBA Program Office and are given to those individuals that want to get into the world of business. Scholarships can range from one-thousand to up to ten-thousand dollars annually and are given to those students that have demonstrated that they have academic potential and are accepted into the university. Other awards in the merit based category include the Seley Scholarhip and the Henry Ford II Scholarship, among others.

To apply for one of these merit-based scholarships, individuals must have a GPA that is over a 4.0 and prove that they have been a leader in their classroom. This can be done through a variety of different testimonials and reference checks. If you are interested in applying for this award or these awards, be sure to check all of the details regarding MIT scholarships through the MBA program by clicking here.

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MIT Public Service Center Fellowships

Another great location to find your MIT scholarships is through the MIT Public Service Center which offers fellowships to students. These fellowships are given in collaboration with other programs but are mean to reward those that have demonstrated that they have an interested in building a better tomorrow through work in the fields of public service or policy. For more information on this program or to apply, you can find all the details via the MIT Public Service Center Fellowships Page. But, note that you will have to prove academic ability, financial need, and be accepted into MIT to even begin the application process. For those who do, however, this scholarship and fellowship opportunity can provide a large amount of monies to pursue a college degree.


MIT Thomas R. Williams Fellowship

Thomas R. Williams was a student at MIT that wanted to reward those who had come after him with scholarship dollars to ensure that they had the best possible chance of pursuing a degree without the financial burden of doing so. As such, this 1954 graduate created the Thomas and Lorraine Williams Fellowship. Like other MIT Scholarships, this is given to those individuals that have proven that they have academic success and will be successful at pursuing their MBA. If they meet these criteria as well as are a graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology as well, they may be able to get help in paying for their college experience. For more information or to apply, visit here.