Montana Scholarships

Montana Scholarships

Students often wonder how to find Montana scholarships among the thousands of scholarships that are available to students. One of the best places to start is by looking at the scholarships that are awarded to students through the Montana state government. Many of these awards are only open to residents of Montana. Another way to determine if there are Montana scholarships that meet an individual student’s need, is to explore the websites of individual colleges and universities. Many of these institutions control their own funding and have some flexibility in determining the recipient. Check out the list below for scholarships that are available to Montana students:

Montana National Merit Semi-Finalist Scholarship

Montana National Merit Semi-Finalist Scholarship: This award provides a full tuition waiver for the first year of college to students from Montana who are Semi-Finalists in the National Merit competition. In order to be eligible, students must plan to attend an in-state university and commence their studies within nine months of completing high school. Additional information can be found at this website:


Montana’s STEM Scholarship Program: This scholarship provides grants worth $1,000-$2,000 to Montana residents. In order to be eligible, students must plan to attend a college or university in Montana and must be pursuing their first undergraduate degree. Only students who plan a major in a STEM or Healthcare field are eligible. Students are required to enroll on a full-time basis and must have completed 4 years of high school math and 3 years of high school science courses. Only students who have graduated from a high school in Montana are eligible. This award may be renewed provided that the student maintains at least a 3.0 grade point average in college. Additionally, renewal criteria mandate that the student must maintain a STEM major and attend on a full-time basis. Additional information can be found here:


MUS Honor Scholarship:  This award provides a full ride for up to four years at an eligible college or university in Montana. It is worth approximately $4,000 per year and can be renewed. Every student who graduates from a Montana high school and who holds at least a 3.4 grade point average is considered for the award. However, since there are only approximately 200 awards, each high school student who meets criteria is ranked by GPA and their scores on the SAT/ACT exam. Students who have the highest scores and who plan to attend one of the eligible colleges in Montana are awarded this scholarship. Additional information can be found here:

2 Plus 2 Honor Scholarship

2 Plus 2 Honor Scholarship: This award is given to students who first obtain an associate’s degree. The award allows for a tuition waiver at any eligible in-state four-year university for the last two years of the student’s studies. Only students who have at least a 3.4 grade point average are eligible. Students must graduate from one of the eligible two-year programs in order to be eligible to the scholarship. Only students who are residents of both the U.S. and Montana are eligible. Additional information can be found here: