National Health Services Corps (NHSC) Scholarships

National Health Services Corps (NHSC) scholarships provide a way for future health care providers to fund their college education. The program provides students with funding during the years that they are in training. In exchange, the scholarship recipients are expected to provide health care to underserved populations after their graduation. Students incur a 2-year-service commitment for the first time they accept the scholarship. After that, each additional year that they accept the award they incur an additional one-year service commitment. When the recipient completes training, he or she can choose from many NHSC-approved sites to begin the service commitment. Some of these are located in rural areas while others are located in urban areas.

The scholarships help alleviate the concern about how to fund medical or other professional programs. Instead of taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans, this scholarship can help students meet their educational needs. The scholarship covers student fees, tuition, and other educational expenses. In addition, scholars receive a stipend to live on each month. Students are eligible to receive this scholarship for up to four years.

In order to be considered for this program, the applicant must be enrolled in an accredited college or university that is located in the United States. Only students in the following fields will be considered: nurse practitioners, physicians, certified nurse-midwives, dentists, and physician assistants. Students must also be a resident or citizen of the United States and attend school on a full-time basis.

Students who are ready to apply can find detailed information about the application process at this website. First, all students are encouraged to read the Application and Program Guidance for the year that they wish to apply. Secondly, applicants should review the eligibility requirements to make sure that they can be considered for this scholarship. Next, students are encouraged to review the commitment requirements. All applicants who accept the award agree to serve for a minimum of two years in an underserved or high-need area. Students who accept multiple awards will have additional years of commitment. In the fourth step, applicants can review the jobs posted on the NHSC Jobs Center to ensure that there are sites that meet their interests. These include free clinics, correctional facilities, rural health clinics, mobile units, private practices, and many other options.

Students who wish to proceed should continue to the fifth step. This involved creating a free account online to start the application process. During this time, students should obtain transcripts, write three brief essays, provide proof of U.S. citizenship, provide a resume, submit letters of recommendation, provide the current cost of tuition and verification of student status at their university, and sign a release of information. In the final step, applicants are encouraged to review their application prior to submitting it. All applications must be received prior to the April 28th deadline in order to be fully considered. Decisions regarding which applications to fund are made around the end of September.